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"Discuss the ways in which the following are used in the contemporary dance work you have studied"

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Emma Wardle Dance "Discuss the ways in which the following are used in the contemporary dance work you have studied" Essay structure: Introduction - Definitions of structure, dynamics and mood. Structure of Matthew Bourne's Swan lake e.g. Acts or scenes, story/narrative * Princes bedroom - nightmare * Palace - formal royal life - Paparazzi * Palace - prince introduces girlfriend * Theatre * Princes bedroom - Row between him and queen * Club - Thrown out * Outside club - wanders to park * Park - swans * Ballroom - recognition of swan * Princes bedroom - prince delirious/sedated * Dies - reaction of queen Dynamics - The how. Work through the different types and ways in which dynamics are used in dance. What they result in. * Time * Weight * Space * Flow Mood, tension throughout scenes. How created. * Contact * Expression * Mirror * Film - can focus - lighting * Movement * Costume * Gesture * Set Conclusion - How the three link etc Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake is a prime example of contemporary dance. ...read more.


recognises the swan from the previous scene, and becomes so distraught that he becomes delirious and as a result of his depression dies. It is in the prologue that we see the queen's true feelings for her son. Throughout this piece Matthew Bourne follows a narrative structure, common in contemporary dance and comparable to the work of Lea Anderson and Busby Berkley. This is evident as scenes clearly follow on from each other. Take for example the recognition of the main swan in Act three. We can also follow a plot. There are several subsidiary story lines in the piece, for instance the scandal of the secretary. There are clues throughout which indicate to the audience that he is the enemy, thus making the structure recognisable as 'story like', as in flowing, and chronological. Within this structure, each scene can be broken down further. The way in which Matthew Bourne uses dynamics, helps to build the tension in the dance. There are several scenes in which time is used to create tension. ...read more.


Dull lighting and a nighttime scene indicate depression, which reflects the mood of the prince. This is also evident in the prince's private quarters, where we can see the walls are dark and the room is of a cold nature. Also in scene seven outside the club, a sense of depression is put across to the audience by means of a dark set and the proxemics of the characters, as the price is alone and there is a group of people to one side of him. I feel this is an instance where space and dynamics have been used to create tension. Obviously movement is the main element of the piece, which portrays mood, and, considering the narrative structure of the play many movements are reasonably gestured. Take for instance scene four, the theatre. The queen's movement in this scene remains gestured. By keeping her back to the rest of the family she is showing her mood. She is also reinforcing the idea her loveless relationship with her son and her superiority over his girlfriend. In conclusion, Matthew Bourne has linked structure, dynamics and mood to create tension throughout his piece. He has done so in many different ways all of which relate to each other. ...read more.

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