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Drama Coursework - Role Play

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GCSE Drama Coursework Rebecca Henry Development Phase - Role Play Each member of the class was given a character profile and a scenario. It was a part of a murder mystery activity. All characters had a motive for murder and were out of the room at the time the murder took place. Four students were given characters of detectives. The detectives were researching all characters using the profiles and were thinking of a series of intimidating questions to ask the suspects. The remainder of us were deciding within our groups who we thought was guilty and trying to piece together our cover stories. ...read more.


The task was actually harder than we thought as we had to think on the spot and were stuck for words, if we could not think of an answer the audience would have got bored waiting. In the end the detectives got the murderer wrong. So me and the other murderer were actually not found out! Rehearsal was very hard as we were not sure which questions the detectives would ask us. But we tried to prepare as best we could coming up with the most obvious answers which the detectives would ask. ...read more.


I think that our characters were very convincing we answered the questions as best we could but did get stuck at some parts, because we could not always think of a good answer in time. To improve my performance in the future I would prepare myself better and also take the performances more seriously. The role-play activity was actually a lot harder than I would have thought, due to the fact that we were not prepared for what the detectives could have asked us! So our answers would have been a lot weaker than if we had a different performance, such as; a scripted performance! It was difficult to think in role without laughing. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rebecca Henry ...read more.

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