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Evaluation of personal drama work/perfomance.

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Drama Portfolio The practical piece began by the idea of Stanislavski emotion memory. However two performances that I had recently seen also inspired the idea of our starting point. These plays were named Blood Brothers and Road. Both the pieces used emotion to create a forceful atmosphere. The emotion helped the audience to feel the characters feelings. In Road a lounge on the poor side was a simple wooden chair placed in the middle of the room. This showed that the character was quite poor. In Blood Brothers the set was split in two. One side was a row of houses which were chipped and bricks were coming loose and the walls were covered in graffiti, the other side was brick houses with nice door numbers and posh road signs. In both the plays the set came on at the same time of the characters. In blood brothers the set came down from the ceiling and any props which were needed were brought on by the actors. Road had a slightly different set, here the rooms were set on a swivel stage and the characters turned the stage to the position they wanted it in. In both the plays none of the set was particularly detailed and I found that the simpler it was the more effective it looked. I choose that I would like to do the set because I prefer to set things out rather than act. ...read more.


I collected furniture and props and also took a lot of photos in order to make the collages and steer away from the idea of realism. The idea of a spotlight in certain points of the play means that the audience are focused on that particular person and the strength of the light will reflect the mood of the character, for example a bright light will be happiness and a dull light will be a sad moment. The use of sound meant that the scenes came to life and not necessarily looked real but looked close enough to what I was trying to portray. I used the idea of a shadow frame when there is a beating scene because it creates a tension and is something which stands out from the rest and shows a big chunk of how the author was treated. I liked the idea of the shadow frame because with the shadow it makes the audience think about how the author is feeling because facial expressions are not shown. Projection acted as a good idea because it creates more space rather than big chunky objects and uses a symbolic meaning and makes the audience think. The development of the set was quite a slow process because it took a lot of time to work out the size of the theatre and because of the shape how everyone could feel the emotion and not be to far away. ...read more.


All sharp edges on props were covered with sticky back plastic. In the piece glasses are thrown and to prevent glass going everywhere they were covered in sticky back plastic so that when the smashed it didn't go into peoples feet. The floor was marked with tape for the position of props during blackouts. All flats and set was tied on to bars or weighed down so nothing could fall down and injure anyone. The weights used for the flats were covered with white tape so they were visible during blackouts backstage. All rugs, mats and cables were covered with tape to prevent people falling over them and cables were kept straight under the tape because when coiled they produce heat and can cause a fire. We also checked that the wires were not cut or ripped. When using the lighting we needed to make sure that the rig holding them up was secure and that the lights were on lighting chains and the hook clamps were tight on the barrel. The lighting was not to be handled whilst hot because of burns. The fire equipment was ready in case needed and tested to make sure that it all worked. With the staging I had to make sure that the set and props didn't get in the way of emergency exits and that the exit signs were clearly lit up. Also all the audience had to be sitting in allocated seats and not in the gangways in case of an emergency. ...read more.

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