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Evaluation of the Woman in Black

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Evaluation of The Woman In Black On the 26/6/05 we went to see a performance called the women in black with all the pupils who chose drama as their gcse. We made our way to the coach and got ready to leave. The coach drove into London and everyone was very enthusiastic about seeing this play as it was supposed to be scary and most people there hadn't been to the theatre. First we went to the theatre where we were given a preview of how they used lighting and sound on the stage. I was incredibly interested at how the lighting was such a big part in a performance! It affected the whole mood of the audience meaning that the sound and lighting director can control our mood before the actors even get on the stage. This I think is vital for the actors, for example if the lights were very bright and you were trying to pull of a scary scene it just wouldn't work or it would be very hard to pull off. ...read more.


All this we saw at the workshop and the staff tried their hardest to show us things without giving the story line or anything else away. Overall I think the technicians did an incredible job with the lighting so far, but I hadn't seen their full potential yet, there was a lot more surprises to come. The storyline is about a man who comes to a theatre and wants to tell a story, what he doesn't realise is that him reading the story from a book is the most boring thing for an audience. So an actor tries to help him act it with him. What happened to this old man was a story of a ghost. He was sent to a remote area up in the north to find out a couple of things about a certain woman, go trough her documents and got given her house and land. He soon finds out it's not a normal house and she starts appearing to him. He finds out she had a kid and it got taken by her sister who would not let the kid leave and go back to its mother. ...read more.


The accents were in old posh English, I don't now how they managed to keep that throughout the whole play as I cant do it for more than 10 minutes and I start talking normally again. The volume in which they said their lines was astonishing, I'm sure then audience in the back rows could hear them very well. The two characters had to keep a gentleman posture throughout the play with a straight back and arms folded behind their backs, but what really caught my eye was how the woman in black moved around the stage. It almost seemed like she was floating around instead of walking. This added to the realism of the play. I think it took a while for the play to pick up speed but the second part was surely the best. Overall I wasn't scared by the performance but I certainly thought it was scarier than a film, but the audience ruined it for me as some people over exaggerated and talked throughout ruining the mood and the tension that the actors and technicians were developing little by little. Alessio Babolin ...read more.

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