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Evaluation on Sunk to the bottom by Sophie Ward.

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Evaluation on Sunk to the bottom by Sophie Ward Sunk to the bottom was performed in the Marbella Youth Art festival by a group of 8 actors. This performance was about the death of a small girl and how this affected each of the characters that were important in her life. I believe this play had a very profound topic, death, and was expressed to the audience in a way that they captured the message to move on. I think that some of the actors should have expressed their feelings more as we did not really see very clearly what was going on as the parents in the play confused us and made it hard for us to understand what was going on. ...read more.


Some of the costumes in the play were well thought of, like the one of the angel, as he was dressed in white and was wearing a white wig. Even though he was not wearing wings we could conclude that he must have been from above. The parents also looked very smart as the father wore a suit when he went to the funeral and the whole family went in black. One of the bad things on the costumes was that the children wore their pyjamas to go out too they just put on their shoes and coats. But apart from that I think hat the costumes made the actors look very convincing on what characters they were. ...read more.


Personally I think that the play has been written very well and that the topic was explained very well. The message was brought across very clearly and by the end off the play we understood what had happened. I also found it interesting how Sophie kept it "quiet" on who was the one who died, this made many of us wonder and question ourselves on who was going to die. Overall I think Sophie wrote a very good play which made us all understand that sometimes you just have to move on with life and that sometimes to do this you have to leave behind things and people who you really care about. I found this play very emotional as the topic death was introduced in it. And I think that by the end of the play people got the message. ...read more.

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