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Expensive, luxury and fast cars - English Oral Presentation

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Introduction My group presentation is based on expensive, luxury and fast cars. First we take a make of a car then produce images and text on different cars of that make. My group's aims are to show viewers dream cars and show their specifications, we are to give people information about the cars and we will hope to increase their knowledge of each of the cars that we present to them. Our group's target audience is people who are fond of cars and would like to find out more of luxury cars, the viewer should be able to ask simple questions about some minor information that was not needed. We decided to choose this audience because it is the most likely audience that will come to see the presentation, as we are producing a presentation on cars the audience must be fond of cars at least a little bit. Plan Our group was simply organised, we set equal assignments to one person each in our group, and we all came in to produce the last slide and the title slide. ...read more.


I also used animation so people won't have to only listen to me and what I said. I used hotspots or Hyperlinks to take me back to my Contents page, so I could go to the desired page quickly. I also used Action buttons, these buttons helped me to get from one slide to the next, or from one slide to the previous slide. I also used sound to make my presentation better and more people will be interested, the sound involved used sounds that cars would usually have something to do with, such as 'Drive by'. Also to make our presentation better to listen to, we used different sound effects, and we controlled them so they were done in an order e.g. first we done 'Drive by', then 'Whoosh', then 'Lightning'. We kept doing them I that order, which made our presentation look more worked on and more neater. To do Animation, I right clicked on the back ground of the page I wanted to custom Animate, then a small window popped up asking what I wanted to Animate, what I wanted to animate, from which directrion I wanted the animation to come up, either animate by word, letter or paragraph, or add sound. ...read more.


Another Improvement could have been that we should have previously designed our slides so that we could all come up with the same slide designs and so that we did not get mixed up with anything. A final improvement that I think we could have made was probably to put some small videos into our slides so that people could get a better feel of what we were presenting. Some problems that we had were the setting of the different slides, some of the slides were set out much more differently than all of the other slides, so we solved that by putting everyone's slides together and making improvements there, this was done with the whole group together. We believe our presentation has met out target audience's needs because we included much information about the cars we involved in our presentation and we have a script that tells as much as people would want to know about cars. To keep our work safe and accurate we saved part of it in each of our server addresses, we also kept our own copy of work on a disc each, and we also saved our work onto our servers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zaka Ahmad T079725 Leytonstone school 13411 ...read more.

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