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Explain how research material was gathered and used within the process.

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Explain how research material was gathered and used within the process. Our stimulus was the photograph of 'The Falling Man' and from this we began to brainstorm our ideas. After coming up with our starting point, the fall of the economy and society, we then started to distribute topics to research amongst the group. The first point to target was economic disasters; from this we decided to look at information about the credit crunch and the Wall Street crash to provide the starting point of our research. There were certain bits of our research that had to be gathered during the process of devising for example in the Prostitute scene we had to gather information on mythological creatures such as sirens and harpies. A lot of our research on this subject ended up being the starting point for almost all of the chorus' characters for this scene. Also in the war scene we drew our research from comic TV shows such as Black Adder and Monty Python, again this research went straight into our scenes and provided ...read more.


The gathering of our research material was co-ordinated by individuals doing there own research and, where relevant, discussing it with the group to see if certain finds were appropriate to incorporate into a particular scene and making sure the information was strong enough to underpin or add to the scene and, ultimately, our plot. When collecting research material we found that the group were looking up the same things, doubling up on various topics, and finding the same information. This was due to everybody using the same research source, the Internet. We overcame this by making sure everyone knew what they were supposed to research and encouraged people going to the library and finding external sources rather than looking everything up on the Internet, which has liabilities. Our research formed the basis to create the beginning scene of the play, after researching the economy and finding a poem based on a nuclear attack; one of the members of the group combined these two sources. ...read more.


This was the research material that we collected later. I also decided to research some more World War II propaganda as, at this point; I didn't know what our set was going to look like for the Battle scene and thought that we could have a screen behind us donning WWII propaganda, postcards, pictures etc. this research was also disregarded, as we didn't end up with a screen behind us at all. The research I did for my character was mainly through hot seating, I tried to draw from former experiences of bullying, peer pressure and losing a loved one then collating it all and exaggerating each individual experience to imagine being taken away from an entire family and being plunged into cannibalistic tribe of siren-esque women. Our whole play desired an awful lot of research just to make the characters seem real enough. For my character I thought that this research into various area would create a fuller more believable character. ...read more.

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