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Explain why you think that Bend it like Beckham directed by Gurinder Chadha is an effective film.

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Explain why you think that Bend it like Beckham directed by Gurinder Chadha is an effective film. Bend it like Beckham is a film about a tradition Indian family with two daughters, Jessminder and Binky Bamrah. Binky is engaged to another Indian Sikh, Teetu, and Jessminder is only interested in one thing... Football! Jessminder plays football in the park with her friend, Tony, and his friends until Jules, a player for the Hounslow Harriers Women's Football Team, asks Jessminder to come along for a try out for her football team. The next scene is showing how well the girl players at the Hounslow Harriers can play football which I think is effective because it shows that women can play football as well as men. Jessminder tries out for the team and is accepted by Joe the Teams coach. At this time it is clear to the audience that Jules likes Joe but Joe likes Jessminder but it is not clear to the actors, which is a perfect example of dramatic irony. You then see more preparations for Binky and Teetu's wedding and as this is going on Jessminder goes to her second football practice and is given her uniform, which involves her wearing shorts. ...read more.


Their dialects are very different as Jessminder is from Hounslow so she has a very typical London accent but is quite soft whereas Joe is from Ireland so his dialect is very Irish. The camera angle is sharp and mainly shows the actors talking and only moves slightly when each actor talks and to show the scars on their legs. In the end Jess makes a joke about her scar which I think should have been thought over more carefully because even though it lightens up a very emotionally heavy scene it could also be offensive to people who have been scared in the same way; even though it isn't meant to be offensive. In the end the camera follows the two of them to the pitch and that is the end of the scene. The rest of the story line follows on with the preparations for Binky and Teetu's wedding which I think does get a bit monotonous as it goes over the same things and Jess playing football and lying to her parents about it. Finally a date for Binky and Teetu's is set and it's the same date as the final football match. ...read more.


Jess' dad speaks with concern, which is good but is not shown enough and this leads to it being hard to believe that this actor is playing her dad. In this scene the lighting is poor and I think there could have been much more done to make this scene a bit more effective. The rest of the story follows on with Jessminders football career which I think should have been shown more because the whole film was taken up by Binky and Teetu's wedding preparations and Jessminder lying to her parents and a little bit of football which was not enough. I would recommend this film because it's a light drama/comedy that you would watch after a Sunday meal but personally I don't think that it could hold its own in the category in which it has been placed. It's a nice movie with a target audience of mainly teenage to middle aged women and it does deal with some moral dilemmas and issues which are dealt with comedy but also class. Cast of Bend it like Beckham. Director ~ Gurinder Chadha Jessminder Bamrah ~ Parminder Nagra Jules ~ Keira Knightley Joe ~ Jonathan Rhys Meyers Mr Bamrah (Jess' dad) ~ Anupam Kher Binky Bamrah ~ Archie Panjabi ...read more.

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