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Exploration of drama using sections from "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Romeo and Juliet".

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´╗┐Romeo & Juliet Hafsa Sudi Exploration of Drama & Theatre (Unit 1) Language: Streetcar Named Desire: My teacher gave us scenarios; I worked with Faye. She was a woman that lived locally and hadn?t really left her borough, and I was adventurous woman who had travelled all over the world. It sounds simple enough but then miss told us to put on the Southern American accent, which made it much more challenging. However I began to feel less like me, and a catty middle aged American woman who wanted to brag to someone who she observed as ?less worthy?. This helped me get used to speaking in that accent, and understand how Tennessee William wanted them to sound. This skill helped me broaden mu language, and to push myself and go that extra step to make my acting that much better. It also helped me from that lesson on, when reading the drama that in my mind a southern accent was heard, it made Stanley seem much more underclass that in a British accent. Romeo and Juliet: Unlike the play above, I didn?t need to use an accent with my piece, instead I had to something much harder, I had to understand the text and to modernise it, so I could understand what was being said, in order to know which tone of voice Mr Shakespeare wanted it done. ...read more.


We also used levels as I got on the floor when I died. We used exaggerated movements; I really began to understand that movement and facial expression also have a huge importance as well as words. I realised how sometimes complete silence can make that one scene all that more powerful. Romeo and Juliet: We as a class did a warm up where we ran around the room, star jumping, crawling and racing each other to get our blood pumping and for us all to get our energy up and high. We also did a small exercise to try and keep the other team from entering our territory; this got us competitive and annoyed when the other team came into our space that we were trying to guard. This was all to get the adrenaline flowing and to get into the fight seen mood, where the Capulet?s entered the Montague?s area, and adding insult to injury we also declared them to tell us where Romeo was hiding, a clear indication that this was no ?accident? and that we came for a fight. I realised that exercise like this gets an actor into the right mood to start an argument or a fight, and makes it easier for an actor to adapt from their own life, into a hyperactive 16-17 year old who was up for a fight. ...read more.


Now-a-days you would be arrested with the possession of a weapon that could potentially harm another, whereas the time where the piece is set it was absolutely normal to carry around a sword, and get into fights using them. Visual, aural and spatial elements: Streetcar Named Desire: My partner Fran and I, used our knowledge of the play to highlight the key props used, and we were inspired by Tennessee William?s mind set where he was very specific in detail. I learnt that planning the scene, imagining it, and taking part in constructing it, it made things easier for me to understand; how the colours can set a mood. By making this set design I am able to picture the props around me, when I am performing a scene from the play. Interpretation: Romeo and Juliet: My teacher set us a task where we had to write down key event of the play and we then decided amongst us which one of us would direct each of the frozen pictures. I directed the death of Mercutio, when Tybalt kill him. Response to practitioner: William Shakespeare was born in April the 23rd, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, about 100 miles northwest of London. He died on his birthday 52 years later. His children are Susanna, twins: Hamnet and Judith. ...read more.

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