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Exploring the conventions of quiz shows

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Media assignment Exploring the conventions of quiz shows This essay will be exploring the conventions of two different quiz shows . The weakest link and the wheel of fortune. Quiz shows are a type of game show were you answer questions or you take part in some sort of competition were you win either money or prizes. This essay will compare the two shows similarities and differences taking into account the rules and the host etc .The weakest links presenter is Ann Robinson The audience of this show is aimed at a family audience. The weakest link has been running for about four years (since 2000) and started of being on BBC one at prime time TV, but has since moved to BBC 2 at around five pm. The other quiz show I will be looking at is the wheel of fortune who's presenter is Nicky Cambell . The wheel of fortune is also aimed at a family audience ,and has been running for about fourteen years. ...read more.


The set is rounded with all the contestants round the edge and Ann in the middle. The wheel of fortunes set is square with the contestants facing the wheel not Nicky . The contestants on both shows are usually normal people from the public apart from in the weakest link where the sometimes have celebrities or a certain job category of people in. There are contestants on the weakest link and only three on the wheel of fortune The music in the two shows are used to create the mood for that part of the show . The weakest link is never happy so the music is usually minors which creates a evil atmosphere and a nervous tense atmosphere. The wheel of fortune is happy most of the time so the music has a lot of majors in it and is fairly fast. This creates a happy cheerful mood for the show. Both shows have set rules which never change and the contestants all know those rules before the dhow starts. ...read more.


The lighting, set, music, host, and the game rules .The wheel of fortune has a much happier feel to it which is also created by all of those aspects . The hosts are completely different people and are the extremes of nice and mean which would bring a lot of viewers to the show. The weakest link and the wheel of fortune are both set to a family audience. You don't need to like computers or anything else to watch them it is just fun to watch. This means they both appeal to most of the country therefore when they first came out they would of got a lot of viewing . Overall we can see that the wheel of fortune has a very old fashioned set etc compared to the weakest link and that the weakest link has lots of effects and lighting etc This would bring more viewers to the show now but we have to take into account that the wheel of fortune is a lot older than the weakest link and that could have been really sophisticated at the time. ...read more.

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