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For Love Of Dance.

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For Love Of Dance Lucy turned up the speakers and put on her ballet shoes. Staring in the mirror as she twirled around in her little pink tutu, trying to do a pirouette. She fell on the floor. She never was good at doing pirouettes. Lucy had loved to do ballet for as long as she could remember. Her parents though of it as a waste of time so they never sent her to any classes, but when they were away and nobody was watching Lucy would dance. She would pretend to be one of the sugar plumb fairies like in the nutcracker and perform in front of her stuffed animals. They were always willing to watch her. And at times it seemed like they were the only ones that understood her. Lucy was thirteen years old and was very tall for her age and very skinny. She had long, curly blonde hair that almost covered her belly. She was a very pretty girl, but the kids at school did think so. Lucy didn't have many friends at school. She was the type that preferred coming home and dancing some ballet by her self in front of the mirror then playing video games, and going to the movies like the rest of her kids her age. ...read more.


It felt as though her dreams were coming true. Lucy always had dreams about going to dance schools and becoming a professional ballerina. Even though she was very nervous about performing in front of her entire school she knew she had to do it. Everything was finally coming into place. Lucy was quick to find out all the details about the dance competition. Even her teachers had never seen her so determined. She found out that the competition was only three weeks away. This was a very short period of time to get herself ready. How would she teach herself to do a perfect pirouette in so little time she wondered, but it didn't matter, she had to do it. Lucy ran home right away and began to practice her jumps in front of the mirror. ''Graceful like a swan, graceful like a swan'' she kept repeating to herself. ''Don't fall, please don't fall'' she said angrily as she fell to the ground. ''Oh well, she told herself. I will win the competition. I know its meant to be.'' The next day at school everybody already knew that Lucy was going to attend the dance competition. ''The dork's going to perform some ballet for us'' they laughed. ...read more.


She was sure that she was going to win. After all it was meant to be. Little did Lucy know the kids in her school didn't feel that she should win the competition. They had been watching her getting ready for two weeks and felt threatened that she might actually pull it off and win. After all she had been living, eating and sleeping ballet for two weeks in a row, which was more then they ever did. They had to make sure that she didn't win. They couldn't let a dork beat them in a contest as important as this. They decided to play a prank on Lucy during the competition to make sure that she didn't win. ''This will be so funny'' they thought. She will be so embarrassed. Lucy's best friend Linda jumped at the chance to hang out with the cool kids, so she agreed to help with the prank as well. They decided that they were going to dump a bucket of water on Lucy from above the stage. ''This was she will look nerdy in from the judges and maybe even slip and fall on her bum.'' They thought. ''It will be even more funny if Lucy is doing one of her pirouettes when we pour the water'' added Linda. ''I know how bad she is at those, this will make her stop doing ballet forever!'' ...read more.

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