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GCSE Apllied Business 2

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GCSE Applied Business Studies: Unit 2 Task 2 Coca Cola is a large public limited company (plc) its owners are all shareholders, meaning that it has a lot of directors due to its large size. These directors are responsible for the way the business is run. Each director has his own department which he/she controls; he is responsible for every thing that comes out of his department. Due to the large amount of staff within the department, the director is forced to hire a number of managers which each control a certain group of operatives. Organisational chart: This director is responsible for the department of operations. This controls the production and making of the business. ...read more.


In the Coca Cola the communication within the levels is at an acceptable level. The director in Coca Cola usually holds regular meetings with the managers so that he can monitor their progress. The communication between the employees and the director is very limited, mainly because they do not work together. I think that the communication between the manager and the supervisor's is essential as this would keep the manager's informed on how well the operatives are working. In Coca Cola the communication between the departments is difficult mainly because of their job description. * Operative: They really do not have any communication with the director although they are in the same department. ...read more.


While in his office he receives and sends information throughout the department/business. I think that the structure within Coca Cola is highly efficient, this and many other reasons they are one of the worlds leading beverage supplier, I appreciate the way that the managers the large numbers of operatives by making some of them supervisors. By doing this they can keep an eye out at all times, and knowing that they are being monitored at all times it would encourage the operatives to work efficiently. If they an operative is slacking on the job then the supervisor will inform the manager and the problem will be dealt with. If some thing serious occurs the director would step in. This structure leads to maximum efficiency within the company. ?? ?? ?? ?? Abdirizak Abokar 11LB ...read more.

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