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How does the Director keep the audience watching in an extract from the pre-credit sequence of 'Golden eye'

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Gregory Thurston GCSE Media Coursework How does the Director keep the audience watching in an extract from the pre-credit sequence of 'Golden eye' Since 1964 films based on a series of book written by Ian Fleming have been and still are major blockbusters with millions of fans around the world. This is because of the core features of the James bond films that appeal to both male and female young and older viewers. The first thing is the genre itself a spy action film some people like all out action films but there are many who don't, the bond films are successful with both because they are cerebral but with lots of action scenes to wow the audience but still keep them thinking and to engage them. Also James Bond's traits draw audiences because the famous line "Shaken not stirred" emphasises his sophistication. ...read more.


All these traits and ability's have kept the bond films new and fresh and drawn people to the box office. The Viewers who go to see a Bond film expect smart new action not just a gunfight and a loud explosion the expect cunning and sophistication gadgets that help Bond gain an advantage. They also expect an evil villain who most of the time is hell bent on destroying the planet or killing lot of people to make a massive amount of money and the usually have something weird about them like a third nipple or a big fluffy white cat they all have a plan as well none of them just make it up as they go along and its always foiled by bond right at the end of the plan mainly because they always capture him and tell him there plan before attempting to kill him which never works. ...read more.


A close up helps you get a good understanding of the characters emotions. Sound as well gives a sense of atmosphere in the opening scenes of golden eye there is a almost howling noise as a background noise giving the sense of cold and lonely maybe even scary as they are outside the dam, then when the enter its an industrial claming sound as a backing giving still a cold feeling but as if what's going on is serious and organised. The colours also have an effect in the opening sequence it is all very grey and black which is miserable and cold but clean and efficient. These effects are still used today because when there all used together they involve the audience and make them feel a part it helps them to understand the film and keeps them thinking so the don't get bored. ...read more.

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