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How influences and ideas of other playwrights and/or directors, designers and performers have been used.

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How influences and ideas of other playwrights and/or directors, designers and performers have been used. The most obvious influence of another playwright within our production is the good and bad conscience scene. This scene took the idea from Christopher Marlowe's "Doctor Faustus" with the conscience of the main character, Joseph, being displayed as two 'living' entities on the stage, each portraying a different side of the character's mind. One represents the 'bad' side of the character, and the other the 'good'. In our production the main character, Joseph, is offered some marijuana, the 'good' and 'bad' angel walk onto the stage. The 'good' angel takes the anti-drug stance, and the 'bad' angel tells Joseph that it's not that bad. The Streets and their song 'The Irony of it all' influenced us. At first we just used the song for an idea for a scene that compared the effects of alcohol and weed. ...read more.


* The human being is the object of the inquiry. * He is alterable. (As Brecht believed that a person can be changed by their social conditions.) In Epic theatre it is often the convention that the audience are detached from the action - so they can watch and pass judgement and that this would inevitably lead to the spectator feeling compelled to do something about it. The biggest problem with the detachment of the audience is that it may rid and sense of theatre being a form of entertainment. However, this was perhaps an unfair judgement as the plays often had comic moments. Our play is very similar to this structure, with a fast-paced montage of scenes. We decided to use several different 'stories' that is shown in some of Brecht's plays as opposed to plays such as 'Fear and Misery of the Third Reich' in which most scenes are 'new' and contain different characters. ...read more.


On stage there were a couple of chairs, and a few tables that were moved and used in different ways to convey different scenes. Ours is similar, but simpler. The curtain of our drama studio provides our entrances and exits and several chairs are used to create the different scenes. For example to create a pub, the stools were sat on as if they were bar stool...slouching and sitting on the sides of the stools. In contrast to create the office scene, we sat upright and with our legs forward, this gave the impression that we were on proper chairs, with backs and possibly arm rests. This also set our characters for the scenes. In the last scene, the five stools are lined up along the stage. This becomes the rehabilitation centre, with one stool for each person on drugs. "The After-Dinner Joke" is also very similar to our production in terms of the set design also had a small amount of chairs, and nothing else and they were used in a similar way with a different ways of sitting on the chairs helping to convey the scenes. ...read more.

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