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How research material was gathered and used within the process.

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How research material was gathered and used within the process. At the very beginning of the production process we split into several pairs. Each pair was given a drug to complete some scenes on, part of the producing of the scenes required some research, so therefore each group attempted to research their given drug, and obviously anything they felt would benefit the whole group. The drug my pair was given was LSD, we conducted research using the internet and found several accounts of people's experience on drugs. We use their recollections of 'trips' to construct a 'trip' for the character Ellie. The research told us that when 'tripping' on LSD that things become very fluid. Lifeless objects seem to breath, or beat like a heart, and it's possible to taste and smell things like colours. Our research also taught us how LSD-induced 'trips' do not create things, only warp something normal that we might see. For example, a house with its light on may seem, on a 'trip', as a house on fire. ...read more.


The research material was used in similar ways to construct the other scenes however, after the performance to year 10's, and some discussions with those that had watched the production, it became clear that the research was not being used effectively, and not being shown in the scenes we had produced. It was at this point that we decided to take an idea from the recent production 'Talking to Terrorists'. The production is completely verbatim theatre. Whilst we did not have enough access to, nor time to construct a completely verbatim script we made a conscious decision to use at least some verbatim quotes, if not scenes. This would give an extra meaning to the things that the characters are saying, it is not just our opinion and what we think is happening, it is being backed up by a quote from someone that has experienced it. Bill Hicks was a popular American comedian who was well noted for his drug use, and the openness in which he referred to his drug use. ...read more.


Young people on acid throwing themselves out of the top floor of buildings?" to which she just 'zones out' and turns to the audience and 'recites' the Bill Hicks quote above. On scene, entitled "Politics Weekly" involved an interview with our character Gerald McMillan. In this scene we had several questions to which Gerald had planned responses. These were quotes that David Cameron used on the politics show "Question Time". "I believe we are all entitled to our own private past..." "Politicians should be judged on policy, personality and delivery and not media witch-hunts." We used these because they sound like a planned response and don't exactly fit the question that was asked...they are also ways of avoiding questions that they do not want to answer. These answers were "fed" to Gerald onstage by his PR. On one question however Gerald answered by himself, which is quoted below. This quote showed his true feelings on the matter, without worrying about "Public Relations". "Cocaine addicts on the whole do not tend to be deeply traumatised. On the contrary they are usually very successful, intelligent, highly skilled, motivated and dynamic people." - Cocaine-addiction.co.uk ...read more.

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