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Improving dance performance through an awareness of the effects and implications of an audience

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Improving dance performance through an awareness of the effects and implications of an audience NAME: CANDIDATE NUMBER: CENTRE NUMBER: FORM GROUP: PE GROUP: PE TEACHERS NAME: AQA Applied Physical Education GCSE Performer Portfolio: Improving dance performance through an awareness of the effects and implications of an audience AUDIT The activity which I am currently participating in is Dance. We are doing a group dance performance which is based on racism in the world. It is against two teams who battle it out to be the best but then unite as one when someone in their group dies. In this portfolio I am analyzing myself through an awareness of the effects and implications of an audience. The effects and implications of an audience can change a dance and the way in which the performers perform. Effects of an audience The effects of an audience are the way that the performer feels through out the performance due to the way the audience act and respond. If the performer is aware of what the audience is feeling and which part the audience enjoy then the performers mood could also be influenced the audience Nervous: If I get nervous whilst performing my dance; then there is a chance that I may forget my routine. This would cause me to become shy and therefore I would not look at the audience. Shy/Scared: When performing my dance, shyness is a negative effect. If you feel scared then the audience may get the impression that you do not want to perform or you dislike the dance. A good quality performer could overcome this by continuously rehearsing the dance. Pressure: Another negative aspect is pressure. If you are forced into dancing or you feel that you must perform well then the dance may go wrong. This could happen as you may be trying to remember your moves and consequently you may forget your facial expressions and body language. Blushing: If I was to blush whilst performing then I will lose self-assurance. ...read more.


This could be another dancer or my dance teacher. I could also do continuous practicing of all types of dances and take part in other performances. My choreographic skills could also be improved my watching different films or dance shows to see how they come up with a dance. To hold my ability rehearsing and practicing is very important as if you do not practice you may lose your ability. Improving identified weaknesses I would like to improve my confidence. This could be done in many ways. I could learn new skills or build on some I already have. One way that I could do this is by making a questionnaire for qualified dancers or the backstage crew. I could ask them how they prepare themselves for a big performance. An ideal questionnaire is given below. Please take sometime to fill in this questionnaire. 1. How does each person know when to do then role? 2. How long does it take for the crew to plan the events? 3. Do you put any extra hours in? 4. Have you ever become nervous when doing a dance performance? 5. If so how do you manage to stay calm? 6. If a mistake was made what would happen and how would you fix it? 7. What would happen if somebody did not turn up on the day of a performance? 8. How would you organize what everyone wears so they all agree? 9. Do you do anything before a dance to help build your confidence? 10. Is being nervous something that is always there or can it be got rid off? Thank You for your time The questionnaire would help me as comparing myself to a qualified person will help me meet a higher level. I would be able to do things at a more experienced level and therefore my organization skills would improve. Another way that I could improve my weakness is by going to see a dance performance. ...read more.


The plan may not be carried forward or have an effect on the performers. This could be a pitfall because then the time is wasted and it was not used efficiently. Such cases are if there is not a show on and apart of the plan is to go and see that show. The person can then either watch the same show or just watch another dance film or a musical. However, there are alternative actions you can take to overcome the problems. One way is to have a cover dance. This would mean regardless of what happens and who turns up there is a substitute dance that can be carried forward. This would ensure that a performance is still carried forward and there is still a show on. Furthermore there could be an extra dancer. This would be somebody who knows the dance and will only perform if any problems arise. Having backup dancers is a good way to prevail over the drawbacks. Another way is to change the plan and before it is too late. If the plan is not effective then the performers can change it and adapt to it. In the case of someone forgetting the moves it is important that they remember the moves in the first place. They should just carry on with the dance as normal. When rehearsing we may come across a point where the dance studio is not available or we have no system. We may have to ask other teachers for their rooms or practice in the changing rooms. Alternatively we could meet up in a friend house. If there is no music system we could sing the song. This would help as we would be familiar with the music and not be dependent. The plan would happen over a long period of time. People may become bored and feel as if they already know the moves so there is no point in turning up for rehearsal. I plan to change and adapt the rehearsals so that they are still learning but in a different way. By Ayesha Begum ...read more.

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