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In the film jaws the creativity of the camera shots and the uses of music is extremely effective and create an exciting atmosphere

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In the film jaws the creativity of the camera shots and the uses of music is extremely effective and create an exciting atmosphere for the audience. I am analysing this to tell everyone what jaws is about and the tragic attacks that happened on Amity Island, USA. The worst attack happened on Independence Day due to the beaches been busier than they usually are. Tension is the main scare factor of this movie but it is also used to capture the audience's attention. In the first attack the music and tension is not used as much to make the audience feel more comfortable and unaware the first of many attacks is about to happen. All is cheerful as a party takes place on the sand dunes near the beach. A drunken pair of teens run off to what they think will be a nice swim in the sea. As they are running into the sea the boy collapses and the girl continues in. This then makes the audience panic as the girl has gone in on her own. There is then a mid view shot of the boy as he lies there and groans. At this point the girl is still unaware she is still on her own. A camera shot shows the girl in a closer view splashing around in the sea then skips to a sharks eye view of the girl underneath then the music comes in with the camera moving towards her. ...read more.


After this shot the audience knows there is going to be an attack. But because it doesn't happen straight away the film is building tension for the audience. But as this is happening, Brody is being distracted by his wife. This then makes the audience panic as Brody cant see him. As he tries to look round his wife the camera goes into a long shot and he hears a scream. At this point all the families run into the sea to grab their children. The camera focuses on the women as she is the last one to actually realise what is going on and as she stands up and shouts the camera changes to the attack. There is a mid range shot of the boy being tossed in the air like a piece of rubbish. We are then left with a shot of the lilo washing up on the beach with blood colouring the water. The music then cuts off and we are left with silence. At this point in the film we haven't seen the shark in full but from the evidence we can gather that it is quite large. Brodys family are by this time very worried as their whole lives revolve around the beach. The camera then gives a mid range shot of the jetty and it looks like it has been ripped in half by the shark which is shown for the first time in the film. ...read more.


Then there is a long view is of the shark swimming off but Matt has not returned. The next scene is on the boat and Brody is cranking the cage out of the water but the cage has been torn to pieces and there is no Matt in sight. Brody and Quint then confer plans and start throwing big lumps of meat off the side of the boat. Another extreme close up is shown when the shark jumps up and bites the end of the boat off. Another extreme close up is used on Quint and Brody when the boat is sinking. Quint then loses grip. A quick turn in the camera shows the shark consumes Quint. The camera then does another sharp turn to show that Brodys hurt. Brody then aims for the shark as it swims past. The camera view then goes to sea level. The explosion in the water marks the killing and the end of the shark's reign of terror. A close up of Brodys face is then shown as he smiles matt the friend thought dead swims up to the log where Brody is resting. Then the credits open. I think Jaws the film would not have been as successful if the cameras and music had not have created the tension and suspense they did. The camera shots and music give this film the extra scare factor that it needed. I enjoyed watching this film a lot. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dean Pennington ...read more.

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