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Journal - Annie Junior! (Primary School Production)

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JOURNAL - ANNIE JUNIOR (Primary School Production) 27h & 28th May 2004 Annie Junior! Something that I could name as one of the most memorable experiences in my Theatre Arts course, till now. I learned so very much during these past few days, even though I don't think that it was quite evident at the time itself. Looking back, I see that I learned so much from taking on responsibility, to time management, to will power, to working together with my peers and teachers as one.' I think I'll start from the very beginning days of Annie Junior. Each of us were had work delegated amongst us, and I was basically the link that ran through the poster, t'shirt design, tickets, promotion etc. Of course Chris and I had our own individual part of work which was to design the t'shirt, which we did. We had to face a few problems here too, since we decided to follow the design of the t'shirt which had a teddy bear on it. Ms. Tickle didn't like the idea of the teddy bear, since we were dealing with children throughout grades 3-8, and she didn't think an 8th grader would necessarily like wearing a t'shirt with a teddy bear! ...read more.


These are things you don't usually expect to learn during a theatre arts class, but I actually did. The NBC sign took 3 days to complete. First I had to research on 1930s style billboards, and later had to find a way to put the logo on the board. After a lot of thinking, and help with printing from Ms. Paulenne, I was able to successfully complete this job too. The props were just a subtle introduction to teamwork and responsibility, because it was only later that I realised how much the production depended on us. We held the responsibility of the set changes, the props being in the right places at the right time, the curtain timings, etc. It was all so stressful. Firstly, because the set was huge and complicating, and secondly because all the stuff was so heavy. To get the timings right, we had to be focused, and we needed to know exactly what was happening and when. The first day we practiced at the Bishop's College Auditorium, I sat in the audience and wrote down a list of what should be brought on at the end of what scene, and drew up a sketchy plan as to who should bring what on stage. ...read more.


We knew exactly when to do what, where everything should go, minimized our time between set changes, plus (an additional point) memorised the lyrics to most of the songs! It was really a hectic, frustrating experience. But in the end, it really, really was worth it. I learned so much about everything. Lighting, props, responsibility, the importance of translating accurately, those being just a few of what I learned. Then, I've never seen Gel so mad, Aya so frustrated, or Susheel work this hard - I learned new things about my peers too. It was all a memorable experience, and it took a lot of willpower to switch to the "mansion" scene, or the "NYC" scene - the two most unfavorable scenes but yet popular in that funny kind of way. Yes at the end of the day, I had swollen feet and sore arms plus aching muscles. But beneath all the pain, was a package of new experiences, bundled up throughout a single production. It really was a memorable experience, which I may not have explained here thoroughly enough - but then again, sometimes there are things that words just cannot explain. (I'm not being corny...it really did teach me A LOT!) THEATRE ARTS - HL Randima Jayasinghe Grade 11 30th May 2004 Word Count - 1, 249 ...read more.

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