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King Arthur performed by Red Shift Theatre Company At The Roses Theatre On Wednesday 8th October 2003.

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King Arthur performed by Red Shift Theatre Company At The Roses Theatre On Wednesday 8th October 2003 Six actors performed this play. There was one female, and 5 males. The roles were shared out equally and there wasn't a main actor, this made the play quite hard to follow, because I wasn't sure whom the people were playing. Also the play didn't involve any costume changes, so this added to the confusion. In the first scene, where they showed King Arthur dying, the use of an actor as a pillow is a prime example of physical theatre. All six actors performed the battle scenes; which used acrobatics, martial arts, and dance choreography. ...read more.


It was relevant for this because it was positioned in the centre of the stage and was a very vibrant colour, so it grabbed our attention. I think the play would have benefited from a larger range in costume. If they did this, it would have made us more interested in the different scenes and helped us get a better understanding of the situation. However, the costume they did use complemented the battle sequences very well, because it looked like something a martial arts specialist would wear. Also a Samurai sword was used to represent Excalibur. Physical theatre was also present in the scene at which Excalibur was extracted from the stone. ...read more.


I found the story line quite hard to follow. I wouldn't necessarily say it was boring, but it definitely lost my attention at some points, for example, when there was slightly too much exposition. Although the actors where very good when it came to the 'Physical Theatre,' there voices didn't project with much impact. To be honest, there were only two actors that I thought were brilliant, and that was Merlin and Mordred. I think the strong point in the play was the choreography. This was done with great success, and because I like dancing myself I was immediately captured by the dance and acrobatics that were incorporated in the battle sequences. The entrances and exits where also very imaginative. The use of cartwheels, rolls, exits under cyclorama etc. Made the performance different to most theatre productions. By Louise Beadle 10g ...read more.

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