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Liz Lochhead has incorporated many nostalgic moments in 'perfect days'.

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INGA STEWART PERFECT DAYS Liz Lochhead has incorporated many nostalgic moments in 'perfect days'. Moments that would have an audience laughing, and crying all at once. Nostalgia can bring a very good element to a play, where the audience feel they can relate to the characters. Making the play more enjoyable and far more memorable. For all the 'sixties' mothers in the audience, 'Sadie Kirkwood's' character is bound to ring some nostalgic bells. Her constant visits to her 39 year old daughters flat to clean it thoroughly is certainly, not wanting to let go. "Mum I have told you I don't want you coming up her cleaning. I've got a cleaner." Sadie's lifestyle is traditional; she was a working class Glasgow housewife. The older members of the audience will relate to her and her 'peoples friend' magazines. Her 'best friend' relationship with her neighbour Mina will also be familiar. ...read more.


"Plus...I brung you up some classic vinyl" "you loved thame." The birthday present that Davie brought for barbs was also a blast from the past, a 'startrite' poster. It was a reminder of their days of the 1950's, and a forgotten treasure of the past that the audience will remember. The unplanned pregnancy that Alice ingles had at 16 was dealt with in direct relation to society's perceptions of teenage pregnancy. Alice was sent away to have her baby and get it adopted. This situation was common in the 60's "I didn't want a baby, I wanted a life" the audience are bound to know someone or know someone who knows someone that this happened to. It is a strong reminder of the way society used to be. Alice ingles grew up to be a traditional housewife, not at all like her modern day friend barbs, an image conscious strong businesswoman. ...read more.


"ach it was time, I thought to myself I don't to look like wan of they sad bastards. The auld baldy wasns wi the scraggy wee ponytails..." this shows that he has come to the realisation that times have changed. Although you don't see Davie before his transformation, you get the impression that he used to be quite unfashionable with a dated haircut. "I wouldn't of recognised you, you look great" this is a nostalgic situation because many people get to a certain age, and decide to change their image and move on from the past. Liz lochead has created a well-crafted play, with many nostalgic moments. The brilliant thing about Liz lochhead is that she manages to make people laugh at themselves, while laughing at the characters. The situations in 'perfect days' are so true to life. The audience see elements of themselves and people they know in her characters. This is a massive appeal to an audience. Making them enjoy the play much more. ...read more.

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