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Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring Analysis

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A Brief Analysis of The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring The Fellowship of the Ring, one of the first of three movies in the Lord of the Rings trilogy would not have been such a success if it did not employ techniques and exploit them well. Five that will be touched upon here are Color, Close up, Music, Birds Eye View and Lighting, all of them used fantastically Color Color can explain many aspects in a movie. It can illustrate the mood and atmosphere of a setting. These definitions comply with The Fellowship of the Ring. In this movie, there are numerous locations that the heroes move to and from. In the beginning, they travel away from the Shire and to the outskirts of the town. In this background, there are bright green and blue colors, which prove the innocence and purity of the shire and its hobbits. After that, the movie transitions into Isengard, specifically the tower of Sauron. In this surrounding, there are blacks, grays, and reds all portraying evil and immoral actions. ...read more.


Music Music similar to color is used to demonstrate to the spectator the atmosphere or feel of the situation. This is exactly how The Fellowship of the Ring wanted their music to do and they achieved it. A situation where this happens is when a character discusses the Ring of Power. The music suddenly presents a creepy and hush tone to show how the ring is nothing to talk about. In addition, when Gandalf enters the tower of Sauraman in Isengard and battles Sauraman the music is incredibly dramatic portraying a suspenseful and impacting tone to the brawl. Once again, when the hobbits go to saloon and see Strider or Aragorn the music again bestows a hush tone, followed lively bar music, resulting into Frodo putting on the ring. The music then becomes nonexistent since Frodo himself is nonexistent to others. Finally, when the hobbits are in the Forbidden Woods the music gives the impression of angels singing, portraying a heaven-like aura to the site. Birds Eye View The Birds Eye View is a style of an angle witnessed in most movies yet is used usually once or twice. ...read more.


While Gandalf is up there he gazes down at Isengard, where Sauraman is forging his armies, and it seems as if it is nighttime. Yet, if the viewer looks past Isengard, there are clear blue skies stating that it is not nighttime, but Isengard is just so malevolent that it always portrays darkness. To the contrast of Isengard, another example is seen during the sacred woods scene. In the woods the people and the setting is so full of light that it appears that Frodo will be blinded. This shows the innocence, the purity, and even to whom the woods are loyal. Lastly, in the Mines of Moria there is an excellent use of lighting. In the caves there is no light at all, yet when Gimli sees a grave, the grave of Balin: Lord of Moria, there is just one shine of light focused precisely on the name to show the power of this fallen man, whereas there is no other light shining anywhere. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is a beautifully directed film by Peter Jackson. It captures all the aspects of the hero, adventure story and puts them together wonderfully. Jackson used many techniques throughout the film which made his movie such a huge success ...read more.

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