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Media Text Analysis - Euro camp, Who is it appealing to?

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Media Text Analysis - Euro camp Who is it appealing to? The brochure is appealing to an audience of people who want to go on holiday. The holidays are based on staying in a slightly lower standard of accommodation therefore people who are not phased by this type of holiday would be intended for this brochure. The firm have targeted families for their holidays hence - all the activities for the children and minor nightlife that is available to offer, yet there are club in which the children can be left all day, like a cr�che. This can be appealing to these targets because of the ideological backing that parents would wish to go away on holiday, leave the children somewhere and get on with their own activities. However, some families would want a more action packed holiday where they can go and get a 'sun tan' as well as taking advantage of the facilities the camp has to offer, and use the surrounding area and countryside to plan and execute a fun filled family holiday to remember. ...read more.


Other images are deemed to be more informative and present the audience with some signs, leading them to expectation. Colours The colours used in the photographs are bright and aesthetic. All pictures include the destination when the weather is sunny and never when the weather is really bad. No-body will book a holiday to a destination where it appears to be bad. With the weather being a main and essential priority over everything else, the firm allow the audience to be expect of a warm, sunny place. This will boost sales than say if the weather was poor and rainy. Information and Layout The page and information, as a whole, is laid-out so that the customer/audience are given a mass of information which is useful and informative. The pictures are explained and the local area of the destination is analysed to give more insight of what there is do to such as nightlife, restaurants, beaches... This information is given to promote the culture and local area to attract more tourists and life outside the Euro Camp complex. ...read more.


The ideological family is more likely to have a better financial backing than a single parent or any other type of family therefore by targeting this audience they can set 'reasonably higher rates' than in relation to another bracket due to the ideological view that this type of families have more money than others. They can often forward this message by stereotyping. Want a holiday now? Why? If I was asked if I wanted a holiday with Euro Camp after continuous analysis and studying, I would have to reject the offer. I would do this because I feel that to a certain degree the company tries to promote one aspect of the business and the audience bracket is to narrow. The characteristics that they have to offer such as; Fun, action packed, secluded environment... none of these suit my necessary needs and nor so they appeal to me in any way. Had they targeted a much younger outlet (18-26), then there would be a more aggressive adventuress's value and the night life would be better upgrading my influence in purchasing a holiday with the firm. But, given their current stature I would decline in venturing with them. ...read more.

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