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Metamorphosis - Language

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Metamorphosis Language The main factor to the language is the fact that Gregor has a lot of lines, but yet none of these are understood by his family and so they have no impact on what they say. The rest of the family speak to Gregor as though they don't hear the words he's saying, as though they're just screeches and screams. Gregor's character is given lines purely for the benefit of the audience, because in the play, he isn't actually able to speak. Gregor: [crying out - a guttural voice - a creature less than human - his words become less and less distinguishable to them. They all rush to the door.] Sir, I'm just going to open the door - this very minute...slight illness - an attack of giddiness - kept me in my bed - getting up now - just a moment longer - sudden attack - be as right as rain soon - no foundations in you reports - no-one said anything to me - obviously you haven't looked at my last order - ...read more.


All of Gregor's words are desperate, a call out when nobody can hear him or answer his call. This is done in order to create an empathy with Gregor, to make the audience feel sympathy for him and create a good vs. evil side, where slowly the whole family become the evil and Gregor is fighting alone. Parts of the script are very short and fast, like the scene between Greta, Mr & Mrs Samsa. Berkof gives each character one word to say and it goes around each character at a fast pace in order to build up tension. Greta: Gregor! Mr S: Cash! Greta: Gregor! Mrs S: Shoes! Greta: Gregor! Mr S: Cigars! And it carries on like this. It builds up the pressure and shows the audience how much the family rely on Gregor as their financial provider and emphasizes how important Gregor is to the family. The fast pace of that scene is all about Gregor's life, how hard he works and how much he pushes himself to get all of his work done so that he can bring money home to his family. ...read more.


There are also a lot of dashes used " - " in the dialogue, in order to break up the longer sentences and to give more room for the characters to say more into their sentences, without making it seem like a monologue. They also represent pauses in the sentences, some of them wouldn't make sense without a pause.. They were also used by Berkof in order to help his actors perform the play in the exact style that Berkof had in mind as he was writing the script. Mr S: You know how I look forward to my breakfast - eating the rolls all hot and crisp from the bakery - and the smell of an early morning newspaper and coffee smalls - I don't have much to look forward to - but that's one of them. None of the language in this play is particularly formal, as it is mostly dialogue between a family, most of the language is simple every day language and the only unnatural speech pattern found is when the family are listing things in fast pace as I mentioned earlier. ...read more.

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