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Outline your ideas for the staging of Act II Scene 1 (Washerwomen Scene) of Yerma and explain how you would direct your cast to achieve your dramatic intentions for the audience.

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Outline you ideas for the staging of Act II Scene 1 (Washerwomen Scene) of Yerma and explain how you would direct your cast to achieve your dramatic intentions for the audience Here is a brief synopsis of the play. It is set in a rural Spanish community whose chief occupation is sheepherding. Yerma, unhappy about her apparent infertility, is married to Juan, who doesn't want children. Yerma visits a Sorceress and briefly considers returning to the love of her youth, Victor. Magic failing, she prays for a child at a religious shrine, but instead witnesses a pagan fertility rite. Juan, outraged that his wife is alone, comes out to look for her. Yerma, in her deep frustration at Juan's indifference to her desire for a child, strangles him, realising that her life will come to an end. Here is a quick synopsis of the Act II Scene 1: It is three years later from the end of Act I. ...read more.


Using naturalistic motivations for the lighting is appropriate because of the very low level of technology in the world and the possibilities presented by the times of day when the scenes take place. Another important aspect of this production is the play's roots in Surrealism. Throughout the course of the play as Yerma's desperation increases, the level of abstraction in the lighting also increases. At the end, we have achieved a surreal visual stage picture. I have chosen to think of Yerma as a series of dynamic paintings which chart the actions of the characters and the meaning of the play. This is evidenced by the structure of the play by the natural motivation for the light and by the surreal elements in the piece. I've decided that the sound for Yerma has a two tasks. First, it must help establish location and time of day; animal sounds at the top of the show, things like morning birds and a rooster, will help tell the audience that it is early morning and that we are in the country. ...read more.


Washerwoman 1: Who was it then? Washerwoman 4: Oh a certain someone. Do you want me to spell it out?... Laughter from several of them And when she's not looking at him, because she's alone and doesn't have him in front of her, she's got a picture of him in her eyes. Washerwoman 1: That's a lie! excited reactions Washerwoman 5: And what about him? Washerwoman 3: Oh he's as dozy as a lizard in the sun. They also sing of the sadness a barren woman experiences: Washerwoman 1: Alas, for the barren wife Alas, for her sand-filled breasts Washerwoman 5: Tell me does your husband Give you such a thing That when you wash your petticoat It makes the water sing. Garc�a Lorca uses these women to show separate sides of an argument. By having some women side with Juan and others side with Yerma, Garc�a Lorca is exploring the different ideas that the Spanish society has about situations such as these. Here, the Washerwomen serve as a Greek chorus to disclose opposing philosophies about marriage, sterility and society. Danny Arnett 12NKB Page 1 ...read more.

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