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Outline your set design for Antigone and explain how it would help a present day audience to understand the plays themes and atmosphere's.

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Antigone Essay Outline your set design for Antigone and explain how it would help a present day audience to understand the plays themes and atmosphere's. The play Antigone can be greatly enhanced by the correct use of set, in the same way though the set can be used and interpreted in many different ways. To start with I am going to draw a picture of my set design so i can then refer to it as i talk about the different aspects of it and how each of those aspects would help a present day audience understand the plays themes and atmospheres. I would begin with projecting 3 images onto a white sheet that is draped over the back wall of my set. ...read more.


This helps the audience see how the characters feel they are always being watched. The colour of the eyes is symbolising the anger of the God's, they start off red as the God's are angry with Creon for what he has done, as Creon is punished by losing the things closest to him ( his family ) the eyes return to a normal colour. Up-stage far left and far right I will have two Greek pillars. These pillars will be chipped and broken down, this shows to the audience of the fighting that has gone on before hand and is a constant reminder from where this whole story has stemmed. It also helps to set the time period for this piece. On my set also I would have a flight of four golden steps right in the middle of the stage. ...read more.


Being placed in the centre also means that the steps would be directly in front of the eyes, enforcing the idea that everything Creon does is being watched and judged. The final major piece of design i would have on my set is to make the side panels made out of mirror glass. This will really help a modern day audience of the idea about being able to see everything and always being watched. The mirror's would have gaps in for exits and entrances but other-wise would be all mirror. I think these props and set designs will get across to a present day audience understand well about the major themes of war, religion, punishment and death. I feel the overall feeling of the set will be effective and add to an audience's enjoyment of the production. ...read more.

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