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Persuasive writing for a listening audience on child abuse.

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Commentary of Persuasive Coursework Ashlee Male My piece of persuasive writing for a listening audience is based on child abuse, as I feel that more people should be aware of how frequent it is. My aim is to make people realise just how much some children are suffering, and persuade my audience to donate some money to my charity, 'Help Break the Cycle'. The audience of piece is mainly adults, but I have kept the language fairly simple, relaxed and familiar so it can apply to children. I felt it was quite important for children to be aware of issues around them, and if they are affected by what they hear then they may encourage their parents to donate money. ...read more.


I have used strong words such as 'beaten up', 'tied up', 'forced' and 'violence'. To help play on the listeners emotions I have used empathy, 'Imagine you are a young, small, innocent child'. This way the audience will not only have sympathy for victims of child abuse but they will see things from their perspective by empathising with them. I used the word 'small' so the child you are imagining yourself to be will seem even more dominated by adults, and everything around you will seem even more daunting and frightening. I have quoted from an authorative source - 'The NSPCC have witnessed an increasing number of related incidences'. This creates the effect of it being more official, researched and genuine. ...read more.


She speaks with Received Pronunciation, the aim of which is to let audience realise that anybody can be abused, from any class. She will sound respectable, optimistic and determined yet altogether disturbed, angry and distraught. She explains what happened to her, her feelings then and her feelings now, which will help the audience empathise with her. She speaks with highly formal language and a somewhat medical jargon is used, 'chronically', 'anxiety', and 'disorder'. Her speech makes her sound aware of what has happened and also make her sound intelligent, and more realistic. I found out where the NSPCC's money goes and decided that my charity would work alongside the NSPCC in providing therapy for victims of child abuse. I feel that therapy is an important factor as it can give people the determination they need to go on living their lives, as many people may feel suicidal and worthless. ...read more.

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