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AS and A Level: Plays

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  1. How did your role emerge and how was it communicated?

    It isn't until half way through the story, the main character I play comes to light. For the first half of the performance I play smaller characters that helped contribute to the performance and I fell they are just as important as the main characters within the scenes. For the opening scene I used acting techniques to help create the characters I played. I first used mime because while the scene opens, with music playing. I had to play various customers within the caf´┐Ż where we located the scene where mime had to be used.

    • Word count: 949
  2. : As an actor explain how you would portray the relationship between Algernon and Jack.

    It is in the first scene that Algernon discovers that his friends name "isn't earnest, it's Jack". In the second scene Earnest proposes to Gwendolyn but gets refused by her mother and Algernon decides to go visit Jack in the country. I believe that too correctly portray the relationships between the two characters I need to show differences between; mood, tone, dress and personality. The first act, scene 1, opens with Algernon talking to his manservant in a very incoherent manor; I would portray Algernon as a man who is not very interested in anything but himself.

    • Word count: 1240
  3. Describe how you would perform the role of Cecily in order to create comedy for your audience.

    I would play the role of Cecily by using vocal, physical skills and the use of space. Cecily would walk feet first no noise first, so I would do this to show that she is not conformed to high society and in truly innocent. Accent is very important when playing the role of Cecily, I would use a Victorian accent but not an upper class one, this will show that she is neither snobbish or demeaning, tone is also an important skill to be considered because Cecily although very young does have a worldly sense and knows when Algernon is trying to seduce her, "in not really wicked at all Cecily".

    • Word count: 896
  4. Interactions between the Characters, Algernon, Jack and Gwendolyn.

    Gwendolyn is very calm and collected in the Proposal scene where Jack is asking her hand in marriage, but on the other hand Jack is what some might call a nervous wreck and the reader gets the feeling that he might have a hart attack mid proposal, which is of course complete opposite to most upper-class Victorian proposals of the period. Gwendolyn knows of Jacks nerves and helps Jack get through this terrible ordeal buy accepting his proposal. Jack and Algernon are both incredibly cynical characters but by far Algernon is the more sardonic of the two.

    • Word count: 1108
  5. The Balance of Power Between Hedda and Brack

    etc. She would stand tall with her head high, showing her stuck-up nature. I would also follow Ibsen's casting ideas for Brack: '...Brack is forty-five...' etc. He would be older than Hedda to show that he should be more powerful than her. He would also stand tall as Hedda does, and would speak loudly to ensure everyone in the room acknowledges his presence, showing he likes to have power. At the beginning of Act Two, Brack is in Hedda's back garden about to enter the house. This implies that the balance of power is equal as entering through the back shows the two are good friends.

    • Word count: 1142
  6. "Contextualising the play" - Top Girls, by Caryl Churchill

    Yet each woman has suffered for her achievements. Lady Nijo was forced to give away children by lovers other than the Emperor in order to remain at his side. When she finally loses his favour she is forbidden from attending her own father's funeral, and ultimately abandons her life within the palace. She turns to Buddhism and becomes a wandering nun. Isabella leaves her sister at home in order to travel, and is consequently unable to be with her at her death.

  7. A Streetcar Named Desire- overview

    She allowed the audience to believe that she was Blanche not Jessica Coplan. It was as if Blanche was right in front of us, continuing her life as we saw her try to fake everything about herself, trying to make others believe that she is more than she actually is. During the performance I felt so connected to Blanche that I thought I knew what she was going through and her pain, but in reality it was the performance that captivated me, that made me see Blanche in a different way.

    • Word count: 915
  8. plot and subplot of death of a sales man

    Arthur Miller continuously uses flashbacks to emphasize his relationships with the two boys and his brother Charlie. In Act 1 Scene 1, page 30, it's important to the plot because it shows the contrast between the two characters, Linda and the woman. It makes us feel as if what Willy wants he can't actually get from just one person. The woman is seen as a woman of class "you just kill me, Willy. You kill me. And thanks for the stockings. I love a lot of stockings. Well, goodnight", whereas Linda who's a woman of work "just mending my stockings.

    • Word count: 843
  9. use of language in top girls

    When I used this in my practical work, I thought Joyce was really horrible to Angie. It was a one way thing, but Angie did talk about her 'mum' quite a bit too showing not much of a good relationship between them both. She said to Kit, "wish she was dead", this is not a normal thing to say to your mum. It also shows distress in the way I pictured the speech as it was said bluntly. There is a sense of irony in Kit's next line, "wanna watch the exterminator", as exterminator is a thing that kills other things.

    • Word count: 879
  10. Different Seasons

    In "The Shadow Out of Time," Professor Wingate Peaslee of Arkham's Miskatonic University suffers an extended bout of amnesia. After recovering his memory, he starts to have dreams of a vast Cyclopean city, located in the Southern Hemisphere of some 150 million years before and inhabited by intelligent cone- shaped beings known as the Great Race. It becomes clear that one of these creatures, who can travel through time, has exchanged minds with Peaslee. Eventually, he travels to the desert of Western Australia, where he discovers the ruins of the city of his dreams, beneath which he stumbles across the handwritten history of his own age that he had recorded in his captor's alien body.

    • Word count: 909
  11. My Mother Said I Never Should - Form, Structure and Language

    This emotional release from the darker elements of the adult scenes is known as catharsis, which is an important and deliberate function of the child scenes. My Mother Said I Never Should revolves around ordinary events. It doesn't have an unrealistic or dramatic storyline; moments like Rosie's birth are not even included. This element of realism makes the play more effective, and the characters more believable. The women are always hanging up washing or potting plants while discussing the themes of the play.

    • Word count: 2038
  12. My Mother Said I Never Should - Plot and Subplot

    After seeing something, all three are frightened, and run away. Scene 2 is set in 1940, in Chendle Hulme, where Doris is 40, and Margaret is 9. Doris is dusting the piano while singing, and is unaware that her daughter, Margaret is playing with 'Sukey'- her doll, under it. Doris shows little encouragement and doesn't participate in any jokes, or activities that Margaret does, and ignores some questions: Margaret ......What happens when you die? Doris (long pause) I'll bring you some cocoa presently. Doris disapproves of her swinging in rhythm to the piano, and implies that she isn't good enough, and that she should "be on Beethoven by now".

    • Word count: 2100
  13. Antigone: Brief rehearsal plan & concept

    Apart from the technical advantages of allowing for interesting rhythm, pace, visual imagery and opportunity of physical expressionism, the concept allows for an extra layer to the performance which is that humans all over the world are basically the same with the same issues and ethical confusions. By presenting this play which has universal relevance in the setting of a completely different culture to our own hopefully the audience will overcome traditional British ethno-centricity and feel a sense of global unity.

    • Word count: 823
  14. Use of language of Miss Julie

    On the other hand Kristen the cook uses a lot of simple language, Kristen is a character that follows the orders and shows respect that's why Strindberg in the play always has her talking in simple language 'She's always been wild. But worse these last few days, since her engagement finished' This play features many of metaphors, and is a huge factor in this play as well, for example when Kristen and Jean was talking about Miss Julie's dog called Diana.

    • Word count: 1001
  15. Form and Structure of Miss Julie

    Another form or structure the Strindberg used was Duologue. Duologue is two actors having a conversation, in Miss Julie there is many duologues in the play for example when Jean was getting a beer for himself and one for Miss Julie, after starts having a conversation Miss Julie: 'Wake up!' Jean: 'Leave her' Miss Julie: 'What?' Jean: 'She's been working all day, standing over the stove... It's night, she earned a rest. It's not fair to disturb her.' It shows that their relationship is kind of to one side for themselves its kind of every person for themselves in this speech.

    • Word count: 971
  16. Plot and Subpolt of Miss Julie

    ==> Kristin falls asleep Miss Julie invites Jean to sit. He refuses until Julie teasingly commands him. Jean serves her a beer, and Julie invites him to have one too. ==> While Miss Julie and Jean were flirting Jean insists that this flirtation must stop, since they could be discovered at any moment. ==> Julie complimented the valet for his kindness and ask him to pick some lilacs with her ==> Julie teases him, wondering if his imagination has perhaps gotten the better of him.

    • Word count: 1221
  17. Contextualising the Play of Miss Julie

    This came to be known as the "talking cure". The 'talking cure' is also used in Miss Julie when she was trying to ask Kristin for help because of Jean and trying to persuade her to run away. This emphasis the unfairness in the play foreshadowed Freud's theories about the gap between the conscious and unconscious. In 1859, less than thirty years before Strindberg wrote Miss Julie, Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species, a book that change scientific thought on the subjects of development and ecological edition, Darwin identified a process he called natural selection.

    • Word count: 964
  18. log book

    We were given ten words to experiment with those words were; 1) Piercing 2) Switch 3) Cloud 4) Wood 5) Potato 6) Ladder 7) Princesses 8) Deodorant 9) Wonder 10) Reality From these words we came up with a band name called wonder wood, who meets a princess on a reality TV show called ladder to the Cloud, which the band have a song on the reality TV show called Switch, we used all the words we had been given to come up with a small play, it was supposed to be linked to last weeks work but it was

    • Word count: 1780
  19. Metamorphosis - Plot

    The next scene is Gregor and Greta introducing themselves and talking, the mother and father then join in putting pressure on Gregor to supply cigars, clothes, food and money. Greta then suggests that Gregor shouldn't go into work as he needs rest. The next morning, Gregor awakes from his sleep in his bed after an awful night, feeling unusually ill and has missed his usual 5am train to work and cannot understand how he missed his alarm. He finds himself in a different state, his body has altered overnight, he's somehow turned into an insect, but brushes it off as being still dreaming.

    • Word count: 910
  20. Drama Q6 on play

    It would start off with Paris talking about her family being the perfect one, but in reality we were going mad with hatred and paranoia towards her. We really liked to idea of scaring the audience because we looked like we were in a fragile state of mind, while sitting next to them. We wanted to show how the woman's life started off and so we showed a man sitting in a chair watching television and his two daughters were sitting with him, we showed him being nice to one child and nasty to another which could show sinister emotions.

    • Word count: 1526
  21. Drama Q1 on peice of drama

    I make sure that my characters were relevant and were correct for the role I had to do some research into how I thought my characters should act. So I researched people who have schizophrenia. This was so I could know how to seem when I had the two voices come out of the shadows in my scene and tell me to kill my child. The research I came up with told me to seem edgy but then get slightly used to the fact that the other characters are there, which would show the audience that this is not the

    • Word count: 1191
  22. Performance Studies

    Whereas with hell we had the ideas that hell should be movements with anger, sharp dynamics, stiff, strong, powerful and full bodied. We wanted hell to move together and stay pretty close to is intimidating. We did this by using low and high levels. Though we used action and reaction between heaven and hell as if it was an ongoing battle. I thought this was very effective. In the end we all joined together to show how hell had conquered, by all used strong moves and doing it all together.

    • Word count: 2283
  23. Free essay

    Themes of love

    It appears from this quote that Orsino is in love with the idea of being in love. His speech is full of melodramatic words which shows that he is over indulgent in love. Orsino compares love to the sea, "O spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou, That notwithstanding thy capacity Receiveth as the sea, nought enters there" The comparison documents that the sea is capable of receiving into it all the waters of all the rivers. Love also receives into itself all sorts of passion and emotions. The Duke is drawn to an emotion which he believes is love.

    • Word count: 1085
  24. Drama Portfrolio AS

    To overcome the problem with having a member of the group rarely rehearsing with us we decided it would be appropriate to have a narrator in the script to help move the play along. This would be similar to the way Lorca uses verse mixed with prose in between scenes to express feelings. The effect we wanted to achieve in our piece was to make the audience sympathise with the characters but make up their own minds about who to sympathise with.

    • Word count: 1152
  25. Dr.Faustus

    So in the very first scene of the drama, we notice that Faustus is an extremely intelligent person and is disappointed with all branches of knowledge that he has so far mastered. Physics, Philosophy, Law and Divinity are all absolutely inadequate for his purpose and have not been able to quench his intellectual thirst. Inspite of mastering all these great branches of knowledge, he says: "Yet art thou still but Faustus, and a Man" The soul of Faustus is afire with inordinate ambition yearning for limitless knowledge and with a an obsession for super-human powers and supreme sensuous pleasures, he utters these memorable lines: ...................."Divinity Adieu: These metaphysics of magicians, And nemocratic books are heavenly: .............................................

    • Word count: 2963

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