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AS and A Level: Plays

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  1. In what ways were acting techniques or design techniques and drama forms used to achieve the intended effects?

    However the side levels and upper level were used also as just action on the main stage would be boring for the audience. We used the levels to show status between the characters and were also useful for split scenes. The side levels were classed as offstage, as it was the easiest place to stand when not onstage. We had a use of steps also, which were placed at the front of the stage. This was good to use as it gave us the audience a chance to see a bit of variety and get involved as we were closer to them.

    • Word count: 983
  2. Language for The Crucible

    By changing the order of the words, it makes it sound much more noble and sophisticated to what we communicate like currently and so this enhances the idea of being in a different time period. Another thing is the way the characters address each other in the play, it reflects a very formal society. Elizabeth Proctor is referred to as Goody Proctor; this is normally used to refer to a person within a good relationship and refers to them being a good wife.

    • Word count: 2180
  3. Plot for The Crucible

    Both Mary Warren and Mercy leave as they are both frightened of Mr Proctor. When they leave Abigail and Mr Proctor start talking about their love affair in which proctor starts to denies everything and act like nothing is going on whilst Abigail starts to loose it as she feels mad that he does not want to love her anymore. Betty starts wailing and Abigail starts screaming for Parris. Parris enters and he calls for the nurse and Rebecca and Giles Corey enter. Rebecca tells them that Betty is fine and will wake in time and also tells Parris that when Revered Hale comes that he should send him home as he should not be looking for spirits as it's only going to course more problems.

    • Word count: 3474
  4. Context for Vinegar Tom

    Some were banished and others were executed. One of the most famous American witch hunts took place in the town of Salem in 1692. There, the village girls got together and played games to do with witchcraft and that then soon got out of hand, leading to 150 imprisonment and lots of innocent deaths. Nineteen men and women were convicted and hanged as witches. A man who refused to plead either innocent or guilty to the witchcraft charge was pressed to death with large stones.

    • Word count: 1271
  5. Bouncers Plot adn Sub Plot

    The Ladies then carry on talking about clothes and the night, whilst Ralph almost gets burnt by the hair dryer. * We then switch to the lads at the barbers. This scene introduces us to Jerry, Terry, Baz and Kev. Eric plays Baz, Ralph becomes Jerry, Les turns into Kev and for the moment Judd plays the brusque barber. We see Ralph reading a dirty magazine whilst Eric is about to get his haircut and the barber is making jokes about the cut he will give him.

    • Word count: 2300
  6. (Based on a performance of Hamlet)Discuss, in detail, what you felt to be either the strongest or the weakest performance by one actor and explain why. Give details of a particular scene or section, including reference to voice, movement, characterization

    The scene begins when the Indian music, which is a concurrent style of sound effects throughout the play, cuts, and Claudius is seen centre stage sitting in his throne. He begins to speak in a serious, yet friendly, tone, the actor striking a good balance between the two contrasting moods in Denmark at the time- mournful and celebrative, as the character intends. The audience can already estimate the characters age to be somewhere between forty and fifty, because of his cunning, experienced demeanour and also quite simply the age of his nephew, younger Hamlet.

    • Word count: 1181
  7. Analysing Plot and Subplot of 'whose life is it anyway?'

    Throughout the play Ken is battling for his right to die seeing that he is paralyzed and will not be able to carry on with his career as an artist sculptor, in fact he will not be able to walk, engage in sexual activities or do a lot of everyday things. Ken sees himself as utterly useless and does not want to live under social care his whole life so he requests the doctors to carry out euthanasia on him.

    • Word count: 660
  8. Free essay

    royal hunt of the sun

    IV East and west have now collided in this part of the play the Spanish try to force their religion on the Peruvian people. It is also were the two leaders come together to delegate and discover much more then they thought they would have in common such as they both are basted children they are both powerful weather they deserve it or not and they both had to fight every inch of the way to get to were they are now.

    • Word count: 1902
  9. Analysing 'Whose Life Anyway?'

    For example, in the case of Reg. Crew who was allowed to terminate his own life in Switzerland, once he had proved he was of sound mind, remains controversial. the play informs us about topical matters such as abortion and euthanasia, which are often debated. This humour and use of sexual innuendos could be viewed as a 'defence mechanism', as Ken tries to cope with the emotional and physical trauma from the accident, as a result of this tragedy, he uses humour to make light of the situation and avoiding confronting his feelings.

    • Word count: 1539
  10. Free essay

    hunt of the royal sun

    I feel he dose this because it adds to your connection to the characters, seeing the good and also the bad times that this army had to endure over the two years of the campaign. It also helps the movement of the play because it shows that the play is moving and will be a struggle. The music is very simple and should be made by saws this is because it shows the unstable state of the mountain and how hard it will be to quell it.

    • Word count: 1749
  11. Language of Performing Arts

    Dynamics, physicality and timbre worked together in the drama piece when Zainab uses physicality to shake her hands in the air to show frustration, the dynamics of the movement are strong to convey the frustration further and the timbre of her voice is harsh and rough to reinforce frustration and communicate anger. Dynamics, rhythm and characterisation are another example of links I found. The three elements all relate to how something is done, whether it is lightly, quickly or loudly.

    • Word count: 3073
  12. Discuss and Explain the plot and sub-plot of Berkoff's ''Metamorphosis''

    Shortly after this conversation there comes a scene of repetition. This is where we see the demands that Gregor faces and the pressure he receives from his family; for he is the only person in family who sustains a job and therefore produces an income. An example of the repetition is, 'Gregor, Cash! Gregor, Shoes! Gregor, Cigars! Gregor, food!' This repetitiveness emphasises the stress and anxiety that Gregor feels. The next scene is a complete antithesis to the previous scene.

    • Word count: 1023
  13. contextulaising the play blood wedding

    These vineyards are in "Blood Wedding" as well as vineyards being present in Andalucia. At university, Lorca met a famous artist named Salvador Dali, which could have influenced some of the parts of "Blood Wedding", such as the surreal scenes with the woodcutters and the moon. Also this could have influenced the use of the evocative juxtaposition of images. Around the time of the writing "Blood Wedding", the rising artists Picasso and cubist artists could have influenced "Blood Wedding". Picasso used symbolism in their art and this could have possibly inspired Lorca to use symbolic language in the play.

    • Word count: 906
  14. use of language blood wedding

    Also the playwright has also created imagery of wind which could be related to a physical storm or a storm which the bride may be in because of her future marriage. Lorca then uses a rhetorical question ("doesn't everyone feel it") in which he addresses a feeling of loneliness in which the bride may be suffering. By doing this Lorca has been able to show feelings though the use of language, this creates more effect and interaction from the audience.

    • Word count: 1107
  15. Aida Play Analysis

    There were no other props that clearly indicated that she was part of the museum and that she was a statue. There was a back narrow parallel platform that elevated her separate from the ground. The ensemble members were the museum tourists observing the artifacts. However they were on the ground level and there were no indications of them acknowledging her as a fellow artifact of the museum. Throughout the play, Aida is a strong character who deeply cares about her people.

    • Word count: 806
  16. romeo and juliet

    Juliet's nurse and mother tell her and suggest that 'Paris' becomes her husband. Then becomes the first of many problems. this ball has been thrown by the Capulet family and therefore Romeo and his friends sneak into the party, Tybalt (Romeos worst enemy) spots Romeo and is angry and tells his father, but he refuse to let Tybalt cause trouble at the party. Romeo then sees Juliet and is breath taken by her, its love at first sight and then they run of together and kiss. Only after the party do the two lovers realize that they are from the two rival families.

    • Word count: 2477
  17. Free essay

    To what extent does Lysistrata depend for its success on the activities of a single character?

    If not for Lysistrata's determination, the plot would fail very quickly. "I am going to bring it about that no man, for at least a generation, will raise a spear against another...nor take a shield in his hand...or even an icky little sword". She explains here her reasoning behind the sex strike, telling her audience that it's an effective way of ending the war, and because this idea is successful in the end, we can establish that the plot is dependent on her character. She quickly proves herself to be the dominant character; she leads the women's meeting, she comes up with the rebellion concept, and she manages to convince the

    • Word count: 1361
  18. Visual, Aural and Spatial Coursework

    If given the chance to use costumes I would have done the same thing, which would also make the play seem more realistic. She had a very Brechtian approach where staging is concerned in that she didn't use any large pieces of staging, mainly tables and chairs. To show a change of scene or location, she simply changed the backdrop. I think this is effective in that it doesn't distract the audience from the actual performance but still provides a background for the scenes. In directing this scene I looked at my given characters as they progress throughout the play.

    • Word count: 1075
  19. How do the micro elements cinematography and mise-en-scene contribute to the creation of a tense atmosphere and encourage the audience to empathise with the protagonists in the death sequence of Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko.

    The car however is going to fast, and due to Bridget not being able to move, she cannot move out of the path of which the car is travelling, consequently she gets ran over. Donnie then realises what has happened. Donnie is shocked by this, and shoots the driver with a gun. The sequence then carries on to the next day, as a weird cloud formation has occurred. From this sequence I will analyse the cinematography and mise-en-scene contribute to the creation of a tense atmosphere and to encourage the audience to empathise with the protagonists.

    • Word count: 2041
  20. A Comparison between 'The Godmother' and My Self-devised Performance

    It has underlying messages about self-belief and courage, failure and rejection and I played the character of the woman when she was a teenager. Also she had just fallen in love for the first time. This is when the woman is young and is really happy with her life. She reminisced about meeting her first love and what they did at the time. She told the audience about how she feels about him through speech and showed through her actions and emotions.

    • Word count: 1072
  21. Comparison between 'The Godmother' and 'Bugsy Malone'

    'The Godmother' was set in 1920's Chicago. During this the prohibition was taking place in America. 'Bugsy Malone was set in the 1930's which was also in the prohibition era. Because people weren't allowed to buy or drink alocohol the demand for it increased and it had to be made and sold illegally. People who wanted to drink alcohol had to go to speakeasies were they could drink and be entertained, even thought they were illegal. At speakeasies there would be vaudevilles and cabaret shows.

    • Word count: 894
  22. Use of Language in the Context of The Caucasian Chalk Circle

    He tells us this by referring to deaths "a time of bloodshed". He then sets the scene of the Governors past lifestyle before the revolution. We know he is describing before the revolution as he says "once upon a time" after each sentence. I believe this is narrated by a singer because Brecht uses techniques which let the audience know that they are actors in a role and so the audience do not believe the characters are real. He does this as he believes acting is telling a story and that the audience must know this. He does this successfully with the narrator. This is a Brectian technique which relates to alienation.

    • Word count: 1036
  23. Form and Structure in the context of The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht.

    An example of form, which Brecht uses to express alienation, is the episodic nature of the play. The play begins with the story of the governor and what happens to him throughout the revolution. Grusha comes into the play when the governor's wife leaves the baby when he is killed. This is the start of her story which she rescues the baby, Michael. In scene 4 when all seems well, apart from her marrying a man she does not love, the story changes to Azdaks, which is back in time to the start of the revolution. This is about him finding a fugitive of the revolution and handing himself in for not realising.

    • Word count: 946
  24. I will be analysing two charity appeals. They are leaflets produced by the Adopt-A-Minefield and by the Sight Savers charities.

    The audience is expected to respond practically by donating as little as �1.20 to buy ointment , which would ease pain of 10 people suffering from trachoma. The target audience for the "Blinking Hell" appeal are similar to the "Adopt-A-Minefield" leaflet. The "Adopt-A-Minefield" leaflet is unique. The leaflet has holes which go straight through to the end page, which represent how landmines blow holes in people's lives. The front of the leaflet show a photograph of a poor, sad child in a circle representing that the child will have his life blown up by a landmine.

    • Word count: 1390
  25. How does Alfred Hitchcock create anxiety in the shower scene from Psycho

    Marian steals $40,000 from her boss and runs away to be with her boyfriend Sam. On the way she is forced to stop due to terrible rain and pulls in to the Bates' motel, here she meets Norman Bates and is brutally murdered by what you think is Norman bates' mother. The police, Sam and Marian's sister searches frantically for her, but when a private detective finds Marilyn's name on the guest book he is intrigued to speak to Norman's mother which ends fatally for him! When the detective vanishes Sam and Marian's sister visits the Bates' motel and discovers how Norman Bates dresses up as his dead mother and goes on psychotic killing sprees!

    • Word count: 1660

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