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Practical Production Evaluative Commentary.

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Gcse Media Studies Practical Production Evaluative Commentary. PLANNING * The aim of the media text was to create an effective and well organized video informing ITV of the teacher's award. * The audience we aimed at was the pupils in our class and the few teachers who may be watching, but generally for the pupils. * The research and planning undertaken was spread out evenly between our group. I was researching the technical side to our presentation, for example the cameras we can use the software facilities etc. Lee was researching the various camera angles that we could use and the different types of direction techniques that could be involved. ...read more.


The processes we used were: we experimented with the different cameras provided to us in order to find something we found comfortable to use. We stuck to a simple approach when filming and didn't try anything fancy; we hoped this would create the feeling of a natural movie whilst the audience was watching it. * We hoped to target the audience by using intriguing questions when interviewing and maintaining a flow when cutting between scenes. We tried to choose locations which suited best for the interview but at times this was not possible. We hoped to use the manipulating facilities we had in order to enhance and improve our practical production so it would look well presented. ...read more.


* What the audience have seen so far has got a negative response, this is understandable as the final outcome has been extremely poor. * The improvements for the future will be to: pick my group carefully, research what equipment we have before planning anything. The lessons learnt are not too waste too much time on a particular area and distribute the time evenly between each area I need to cover. APPENDIX * The text read was all internet based the websites were found by going into www.google.com and entering text in relation to what I needed. For example I typed in technical specification for the Canon digi camera I order to find what facilities it had that was of use. ...read more.

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