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Review on Live Theatre - You Made Me.

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Review on Live Theatre - You Made Me You Made Me is, overall, a very serious play exploring the breakdown of relationships and the consequences and feelings caused, from a child's point of view. Mostly reflecting the effects of divorce, domestic violence and bullying. The mood is dark and depressing through most of this play, though there are relief factors throughout to relieve tension. My first impressions of You Made Me were that it was quite abstract and different. By the end of the play I felt a combination of emotion. As the play progressed I become emotionally involved with the characters, when it had finished I either felt happy they had sorted out their problems or sorry they had not. It also made me appreciate how lucky I am to have both my parents together and taking active roles in my life. It put things into perspective for me and that I shouldn't take what I have for granted. There are four main story lines in You Made Me; Jo, Judy, Greg and Vi, Wayne and Leanne, Lucas, Ruby and the bully, and Kelly, Lucy, their mum and her new boyfriend, Paul. Jo and Judy's father, Greg, beats their mother, Vi. Jo is closer to her father, but she definitely doesn't approve or agree with the way he treats her mother. ...read more.


Kelly and her mum argue because recently her mum doesn't always have time for everything. She doesn't like Paul because she feels he is trying to replace her father. Kelly and her mum talk and sort things out. I think the general idea is that all actions have consequences, good and bad. Also that sometimes you have to be less selfish, and look at things from another person's perspective and don't just dwell on your own problems, trust those close to you. I felt the beginning was very powerful. The two abstract scenes, family portraits and the chorus, were very different and I think they grabbed the audience's attention. Though when it came to the monologues I thought I dragged. There were five lengthy speeches one after the other and I think it was too much and slowed the pace. I was easily drawn in to this play and felt it kept my interest because there was so much to watch, always something new to learn about someone. The ending wasn't really a climax but there were other climaxes throughout the play, e.g. the crash, Lucas loosing it ect. I don't feel all the story lines came to a significant end, but it did leave me wanting to know what happened next. ...read more.


For instance, when Wayne was talking about his father near the end I believed he was upset from the way his face looked. I believe all scenes made interesting shapes on stage and that all the space was used imaginatively. Scene changes were quick and tidy; I always knew exactly when a scene was finished. The set stayed more or less the same throughout, but changed slightly because of the lighting and projections. All characters wore normal everyday clothes to suit their characters except the chorus. They were dressed all in black, with white masks. This costume was appropriate as the chorus is abstract, so should their costume be. The lighting used emphasised the mood of the scene and high lighted important characters. Sound was used during scene changes and sound effects were used in the crash scene to make it more realistic. I enjoyed this play and thought it brought up a lot of issues that need to be discussed more often. Hopefully some adults who watched this will now realise what a huge affect these situations have on the children involved. I became emotionally attached to the characters in this play and imagined how they would feel when things happened to them. The only improvement I think cud be made are that maybe there shouldn't have been so many long monologues, because they sometimes slowed down the pace of the play and got boring. But overall the play was very well done. ...read more.

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