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Romeo in the city

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Romeo In The City. The set of 'Romeo in the city' seemed to be very simple it was a triangular shape. There was a box in the centre of the stage with a portrait of a small girl and a gun next to her. This in my opinion symbolises the innocence becoming anger in a man's heart. There also were two more boxes in each corner of the stage. These were used by the actors to indicate the location, where they are meant to be. This is a very simple drawing of the set. I think that the set was formed this way to make it easy for the actors to stay somewhere while it they were not meant to be in the scene. The costumes used in this play were very interesting. It seemed to me that the director of this play wanted to make the audience realise what time and place the characters are. ...read more.


His body language was unbelievable. When playing the old man the audience could easily believe that he is an old man in pain. This was because his body language was extremely well put into practise. E.g. He was crouched down, he was kind off limping. When playing Omar's friend he was very convincing of being a 'chav', again, his body language clearly showed that he is a young fit boy. In my opinion all the characters were believable because they were really concentrating. They obviously have had a lot of practise. What really surprised me was that even though at some points they were meant to be off stage and they were actually sitting on the two boxes at either corner of the triangular set, they were sitting as the character they were playing, even though the audience was watching the scene that was happening in the middle, not for a second these young actors lost a sense of character. ...read more.


If the whole scene was quick then some of the audience would not understand it. But because it was slowed down people easily understood what's happening. What surprised me was the fact that they rushed the end of it. After Omar dies it is not very clear what happens to the characters. Maybe this was intended to make the audience think and ask questions, however I think that this might be the lack of time. In order to improve the end I would recommend Kiran to do a thought track, telling people how she got on with her life after the death of Omar. Overall I really enjoyed watching all the drama techniques we were learning in year 10 and 11 put into practise by good young actors. In my opinion this play shows that in society there will always be racists and sometimes people from a similar race will turn against you. It also shows that if you are truly in love you will fight for the right to be with your loved one even with your own flesh and blood. Kate Riekstina. ...read more.

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