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Staging a production of Henry V

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Staging a production of Henry V If I were to stage a production of the Shakespeare play Henry V I would modernise it and aim it at young teenagers. My aim would be to try and get the younger teens interested in Shakespeare so they would find there studies in later years not only a lot easier but also a lot more fun. I think that to get younger teens interested I would have to modernise it as they would not have much knowledge of Shakespeare plays. To modernise the play I would modernise all the costumes and quite obviously the battle scenes. I would try to get actors that teenagers can relate to, people they have seen on television or movies. I would also modernise the script and make it more understandable to a younger audience. I don't mean that I would change it to slang but I would use Modern English and also summarise what is being said in the chorus so it is easier for a younger audience to digest. ...read more.


They would also be used to a high rank in the army leading the battle not a king with no obvious training in the combat area. I would also use more modern weapons for the fighting. Guns instead of knifes for example. I would use guns instead of knifes because as they are more modern young teenagers will have more understanding of this kind of warfare than they will of sword play and horses. To help the audience understand what is being said I would summarise and modernise every thing that is said. I would do this as young teens would probably find it hard to take in the whole of the play at one time so that would be why I would summarise. I would modernise because younger people might find it hard to understand the language that Shakespeare writes in. ...read more.


The speech was very monotone and there were no special effects that were noticeable apart from one which was the camera moving to above the speaker. I think this was a good effect as it made it look like he was talking to the heavens. I feel that the actor spoke the speech very poorly and considering this is as I think the most important part of the whole play it was ruined buy the complete lack of enthusiasm and also poor effects. I feel that when I do this soliloquy that a big deal will be made of it. I will have lighting effects and I will also use the camera trick that they did use in the Kenneth Brannah version of the soliloquy. If I were to re do the play to relate to a teen audience I would modernise the speech and also the costumes and props also the settings, to relate to the young teen audience. Thank you for reading my view on the re-making of Shakespeare Henry V Daniel Booth 10M ...read more.

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