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The Bouncers

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The Bouncers We saw the play 'Bouncers' at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley on the 29th January 2002 at 19:45. I have never been to the theatre before and I knew very little about this play. All I knew was that four male actors were going to play the roles of at least three characters each, including woman. When I first took my seat I thought the play was going to be good but not brilliant as there was no curtains and no set. I thought the play was going to be good because of the lights used to make the stage look good even though there was nothing apart from two steel barrels. The play was about four lads going out on a pub crawl hoping to get laid. The action was mainly set in a night club called 'Mr Cinders'. This is where the Bouncers are introduced, who go by the names of Eric(Suzy), Ralph(Rosie), Les(Maureen) and Judd(Elaine) ...read more.


I liked him because he managed to change character so quickly and effectively incomparison to the other four who took a bit of time to get used to the character they had to play. He made it clear of the type of character he was playing and showed this by using his vocal accent, body language and facial expressions, which is why I think he was the most successful character and the most enjoyable character to watch. The character I found the least successful was Judd as the characters he played weren't as clear to understand and took a bit of time to know what their roles were. Although he used body language well, I found he had difficulty to change his voice to suit the character. For example when he was acting the hair dresser, he acted well with the other characters but his voice was not suitable with the body language he was using and you could say, he was a stereotype hair dresser. ...read more.


My favourite actor was the one acting Les as he suited the play and the characters very well. Even though I enjoyed the entire play, the bit I never really liked was when Eric, the 'Bouncer', was always giving his speaches as it got borin after a while and us, the audience were expecting a joke to just pop out of the speach, and we were disappointed when there wasn't as the whole play was funny until it got to Eric's speaches. I don't think I can give any advice to the director or actors apart from either making Eric's speaches funier or putting a bit more emotion towards it, meaning telling us vocally, that it is a seriuos speach. I think I would reccommend the play, and infact I already have, as it was a brilliant play overall and it shows what you can do with a very good director, excellent actors, very few props and first-class use of lighting. Full marks from me. By Mario Franciamore ...read more.

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