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The Development Phase - Throughout our lessons we had been producing a story about a third world village.

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The Development Phase Throughout our lessons we had been producing a story about a third world village. We started this off by exploring the pictures of third world villagers, and then we created still images, which we all put together to make our own village. We then used role-play to bring this village to life. We used forum theatre to make it as realistic as possible. A meeting was held in the village to tell the villagers that there was a western doctor coming to visit, the doctor confused the villagers because she had a different skin colour and they did not trust her. The doctor then told the villagers that she wanted to take the healthiest member with her and in return she would give the village Water, food and medical supplies. I saw this as bribery to take somebody in return for supplies because she knew that the village needed things she could give them and obviously there was something in it for herself or she wouldn't of made this offer. This could be good for the villagers because they wouldn't have to work to get what they need for a short period of time but when the supplies run out there back to square one. ...read more.


While the doctor was trying to convince the village she was there to help her mobile phone rang making a strange noise the villagers had never heard bore. They didn't know what it was and most were terrified. The doctor tried to convince the villagers it was harmless but it kind of broke the trust she had gained from showing them her food. In Role Diary When we came to create a waiting room for the third world villager and western family we found out that the doctor had wanted the villager to donate an organ in return for supplies for his village. We had done a short piece of drama where we had met the western family who needed an organ donation, and that donor was the villager. So we made up a waiting room using semiotics, we put things that we use all the time on one side for example Magazines, water dispenser etc. This is to show that when characters were to enter the waiting room they would sit on this side and not think anything of it. We take things like that for granted, not realising that the villagers have never even seen things like that before. ...read more.


From here we introduced actors into the waiting room three characters were placed in the rich side, the mother of the westerner needing a donation and two sisters. On the other side was the third world villager. We used forum theatre at this stage to make the scene to the highest standard we could. When forum theatre is used a scene is created and watched by the rest of the group. At any time during the drama the people involved the observers and actors can stop the piece say what they think is going wrong and improve on it also the observers can put themselves into the drama as a new character or replace an existing one. We started off this drama by the westerners trying to communicate with the villager but he did not respond one of the sisters was told to go and reassure him. She walked straight across the room and sat right next to him this did not work so we used forum theatre to redo it this time the sister stopped and turned back for reassurance from her family we took this slow to show the tension between the different cultures this is because they are strangers to one another and wouldn't really know what to say in a difficult situation. ...read more.

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