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The Woman In Black.

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The Woman In Black. The Woman In Black, although quite scary, was on the whole very entertaining. I think that the second half of the play was more surprising than the first, as the first didn't really include many shocking scenes, or sudden actions. It didn't show much of the actual woman either, but this could have been an advantage as if the woman was shown often, it would be less realistic. Also, I think that the audience may have accustomed to her being there, and therefore, wouldn't be frightened of her. The actual 'scary element' would have to be the shock of the sudden actions of the sound, lighting and actors. I think that this was the best part of the play as much of it was just talking between the two main characters in the play, which eventually made me feel calmer and not so afraid, which isn't too good as the play was meant to be a horror story. I found that when I was sitting in the theatre, waiting for the play to begin, I was anticipating quite a scary experience. I was excited to be there, and started to think about the story line, or what may happen in the play. I think that the atmosphere of the theatre does help the play as you are in the dark, and you can see the stage coming quite close to you (especially if you are in the front row). ...read more.


I don't think there was much that was unsuccessful with the set. Other than at the very beginning of the play, I noticed that there was a bucket in the stage. At first, I presumed it would be part of the play, like everything else on stage, but it was abruptly thrown off for no apparent reason, which I found rather strange. I especially liked the part that was carefully hidden behind a very thin, slightly transparent curtain, though. I liked this as you could easily see what was going on when the actors went behind it, and wanted you to see it, but it could hide the background set when it needed to be. The sound and lighting together really added to the play, without them I don't think it would be nearly as effective as it was, or in any play. They created mood and atmosphere really well, throughout the whole play. When the mood changed from happy to scary, for example, the lighting colour would also change, making it clearer to the audience. It was used to highlight certain parts of the stage as well, or concentrate on one character as they were talking. Sound was also really well used. It could generally help by there being the natural background sounds that you would here in a particular scene, or being used for sudden movements or actions to scare the audience. ...read more.


I was very impressed with their skills, as they seemed to fit into the characters really well, and made the play very believable. The vocal and movement skills used were of a very high standard. The actors used their voices to pretend they were in busy and quiet places, for example by having to shout to hear each other. They also managed to act as if they were really scared through their voices shaking, as if they were scared. The movements of the actors were also very skilled. For instance, when they were calm, you could tell as they would have flowing movements and would be tranquil, but when they were scared, they would run about the place in a flurry, and would have very sudden movements. They also used their movements to show where things were too. I think the actors conveyed the character's feelings, thoughts and emotions really well, too. They would think out loud when they were alone which was a way of telling the audience what was going on. They also paused sometimes, as if they were thinking, like when the solicitor was wandering round the house and noticed that there was a child's bedroom complete with everything you could expect. He would pick up objects, and make a comment about it. Sometimes he would ask himself "Oh. What's this then?" for instance. Overall, I found that The Woman in Black was an excellent piece. It was really entertaining, even though it was fairly scary! ...read more.

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