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The Women In Black By Susan Hill.

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The Women In Black By Susan Hill This great novel by Susan hill has been cleverly adapted for theatre production. By creating the play into a play itself, less actors, props and scenery are needed. My first reaction when I saw the scenery and the theatre itself was initially one of distaste as the theatre was shabby and old. But as the play progressed I realised that this all in a way added to the effect and the ambiance of the theatre. Before you even sat down everything created an atmosphere. From the small discrete bar to the lighting, if you looked for small things you could find them. In the bar, there were oil style lamps with flickering orange candle effect bulbs. And when actually seated in the theatre, blue flickering bulbs were used to create a ghostly effect. There must have been only 80 seats down on the bottom floor, but with the balcony looming overhead, this made the performance more personal. The stage itself was small and low budget. It consisted of a large wicker basket, used many times as a desk, pony and trap, bed, bureau and others. ...read more.


The plot in short (very short) is the tale of a man by the name of Mr. Arthur Kipps. In the play he seeks help and guidance from an actor to help him with public speaking. He hopes that if he can tell his story to his family that the haunting will be out of his life and that it will bother him no more. Mr. Kipps was a lawyer when it happened and he was to travel to a Mrs. Drablows house the find the last will and testament. But when he arrives at the house he finds that nothing is as it seems and there is something very untoward about it. During the story he is regularly haunted and visited. And the phantom ' The Women In Black ' appears on the set to haunt them. The woman in black was created brilliantly. She wore black draping clothes and a bonnet concealing a large proportion of her face. The rest of her face is a waning withering scarred face (the waning Due to rapid loss of weight on Mrs. ...read more.


When the women in black was due to appear (this became obvious with time). I was constantly looking down the isles in the wings and any others places I could find to catch a glimpse of the women in black prior to her arrival. But it was so difficult each time she came up a different route and there were a great deal of places to appear from. I think one the most spine chilling moment was a slow accent up the stairs made very coolly and calmly to the second floor. When she then reached the floor she slowly turned to face the audience and her face lit up. I really have to take my hat off to the actors they choreographed the play so well. A point when the actors were particularly skilled at this. Was when the woman in black appeared behind Mr. Kipps and Mr. Kipps facing forward at the time scanned around the room with the torch and then eventually the torch settled just above his right shoulder on the face of the women in black. Truly pant wetting. The play was a pleasure to watch and was by far the most effective use of drama I have seen in the theatre. Sam Ashley ...read more.

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