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Theatre in Shakespeare's Time

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Theatre in Shakespeare's Time There were about 10 open-air amphitheatres in Shakespeare's time. The one that is the most famous and that has now been renovated is The Globe theatre. However, The Theatre was the first London playhouse, built in 1576 by the English actor and entrepreneur James Burbage. ...read more.


Its exterior was coated with lime and plaster. It had features similar to the future Globe playhouse and other playhouses of those days. Such as galleries, upper rooms, a tiring house (in which the actors kept their store of props, costumes, and playbooks and prepared themselves for their performance.) ...read more.


The Theatre was home to many acting companies, but was used primarily by Shakespeare's acting troupe the Chamberlain's Men, after 1594. In the globe, the two stage posts were very large since they had to hold the large cover or sky, which had a trapdoor in it with a hoist for the actors playing gods to come down onto the stage. Below that trapdoor was one in the stage, which served as the entry-point for King Hamlet's ghost and sometimes graves. ...read more.

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