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Theatre Review 'What the Butler Saw'.

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English Theatre Review 'What the Butler Saw' We went to see a performance of 'What the Butler saw' performed by the Anglo American Theatre Group (AATG), a local theatre company in The Hague. The play was performed in a small, local theatre which has many productions performed all the time. The script was originally written for older audiences, it contained a lot of adult humour and was more suited for mature audiences. The audience, which went to see it when we went, was of all ages, the youngest people there were all about 15 or 16. I think that the performance was very well acted out; the actors were familiar with their characters and the stage was well presented with relevant props. The script was originally written in English, therefore no changes had to be made to make it suitable for an English speaking audience. The stage was in a box shape, as shown in the diagram on the next page. The backdrop was a doctor's office with an examining table. There were three different doors used for entrees and exits into and out of the scene: one at the back, and one on each side. ...read more.


The doctor and the psychiatrist had lab coats on which made them stand out from the rest of the characters. The bell boy also had a very stereotypical costume on; he wore a buttoned suit with a gold and red brimmed, flat top hat. The director had constructed different personalities for every character, which made the play more interesting. The psychiatrist was always diagnosing all the other characters with mental disorders, which happened to fit in with the comments they make throughout the play, in turn, it convinces all the other characters that that the doctor, in particular, was mentally unstable. The Police man always seemed to enter the scene at the wrong time, this created a sense of anxiety and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The secretary was always very placid and didn't always realise what was going on. There were not many props used in the play apart from props which were associated to the costumes the actors wore. The bookshelf was part of the set which was used to hide evidence in; The actor hid his secretaries shoes in the bookshelf to keep them from his wife so she wouldn't suspect anything. ...read more.


The actors often turned to the audience and gave them a puzzled look whenever the play got confusing, which is the equivalent to intrusive narration in novels when the author asks the reader a question, or makes a comment aimed directly at the reader. The most memorable moment in the play was at the very end when the remains of Winston Churchill were pulled out of a box, this grabbed hold of the audiences attention because of the body part revealed. The whole of the stage was used in the performance, the characters moved around a lot, often very quickly to create the rushed sense in all the commotion. The whole play was very busy and physical and was a change to the other dramatic plays of today. The play, although it was well thought up, tended to get a bit monotonous. The changing of clothes to change the characters soon became very confusing and I found I lost interest half way through because I either couldn't follow the play, or I thought that the character changes went a bit too far. The acting was very good taking into consideration that the actors are not paid, but they pay the company to join the play, this shows that they are very committed to acting and take their acting seriously. English Theatre Review Tracy Kelly GCSE Drama Coursework 1 ...read more.

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