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Theatre Studies: Response Essay

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Theatre Studies: Response Essay Before we did the actual workshops in class we read "The Visit" because the workshops that were to follow would be based on and around the play. To remind us all what the theme of the play was and what it's actually about we started our first workshop by going around the group with everyone saying what they thought the play was about. This exercise I found very helpful because when reading the play in class I didn't pick up on some of the main aspects of the play and was therefore at a loss, but due to this exercise I now knew everything that was going on in "The Visit" and could work and interact far easier. In this workshop we then were asked to pick a prominent member of the town in "The Visit" for example the policeman, doctor or pastor. We were then instructed to walk around the room in character, whilst walking up to others and asking indirect questions to one another to try and find out which town member they had chosen. We were then told to group together into groups of the same town members. This in fact turned out very nicely as it ended up having three groups: (1) Cameron, Katie and Richard.W who were pastors or priests. (2) ...read more.


After the forum theatre we were asked as directors what we were trying to convey. In ours the message was through the use of an extended metaphor that Claire was coming on to Schill, at first I felt that most of the audience found this disturbing but then through forum theatre it was improved and became more evident. When everyone did theirs we were told to write down what we would change and when we came back to it we could tell the actors. This is another form of forum theatre, which I found just as effective. My initial response to this workshop was that people didn't put enough thought into what the audience might think, and that no one set it as well as they could have done. This was due to the audience being on one side and the camera being on the other which meant that you would have your back turned to one of them, which was a big problem. Our next workshop, workshop number four, again involved aspects of forum theatre but the theme of this workshop was based on physical theatre. We had to look at physical theatre as it occurred in "The Visit." Before we got involved with the main part of the workshop which involved the script, we had to devise a small scene which takes place in a supermarket. ...read more.


We ended our piece by having Schill's death. In the final workshop we were given thirty minutes to get our piece together and then we had to perform it. In this final workshop we had a serious problem, both Lydia and Richard.S who was supposed to be Schill were away. This meant someone had to be Schill and Rupert had no other reporter. Thankfully Rupert just did all the reporter lines as he knew what to do, however, we still had no Schill. Cameron was elected by the group to be our new Schill, and in a small space of time he had to learn everything we'd decided Richard.S would originally do. Even though the factor of two of our actors being missing, I thought we coped extremely well. The fact that we used a T.V. reporter (Rupert) added to the grotesques of the play by making it even more chilling as it was for everyone else's amusement, The hypocrisy in "The Visit" and the fact that people can lose their morale scarily easily we showed extensively throughout our final workshop as well as our previous ones. This was the end of our workshops and I felt that they were extremely helpful as an actor as well as helping to understand the play, and I think that throughout the group everyone did very well. By Finn Mcnulty ...read more.

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