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Theatre studies - ' TheConnections between Steven Burkoff's work & Artaud'

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Theatre studies - 'The Connections between Steven Burkoff's work & Artaud' Like Artaud, Berkoff is very much into stylising and surrealism, finding the dark side of things. He thinks 'Realism' can become deadening, Berkoff very much like Artaud wanted to break away from the norms of Western Theatre. Berkoff believed it was too much like films and soaps. Artaud was much the same he thought the audience was engaged enough and wasn't 'affected' a great deal by the performances. Berkoff believed that you don't need anything than more than 'utter simplicity', and that the actors are a key role, any set, in the case of Metamorphosis purely mime and no dialogue, or costume will detract from the actual art of acting. ...read more.


This links to Artaud as he used to treat his actors and push them to their outer limits, this is of course written about in 'The Theatre of Cruelty'. This is also linked to our work in class where we were asked to do very physically demanding things for example - hopping on one leg playing 'tick' and we could not rest we had to be pushed to the limits just like Artaud wanted his actors to do. This could also be linked to our Slow motion work; this pushed us physically and mentally as we had to think about being slow, but at the same time making it believable with physcalisation and facial expression. ...read more.


This is a definite with the use of Animals in people and animal characterisation. Both of these performances used a heavy sense of Symbolism. The performance where we were groups and we had to try and devise an adventure through a fridge, for this it was decided there would have to be a lot of symbolism. One instance the fridge traveller came across Jelly, to visualise this we thought we would speak with a stutter and wobble from side to side, just to reiterate how 'wobbly' jelly is so this would look convincing to the audience. It appears that both of these men have done remarkable things for theatre and have gone against the traditions of western theatre and tried to open up the audiences mind to different methods and ways of acting. All Italic Quotes from: http://www.iainfisher.com/sbdisa4.html Theatre Studies - Artaud Daniel Green - 2b1 ...read more.

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