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Theory Of Knowledge - The Truman Show

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Patricia Rosales Theory Of Knowledge Mr. Guerra Per. 1 September 20, 2002 The Truman Show The Truman Show was the story of a man named Truman, whose life was caught on tape since the time he was in his mother's womb. He was legally adopted by a producer who started recording Truman's life without his knowledge. Surrounded by actors since his birth, his whole life was planned ahead by the producers, shaping him into what they wanted him to be, from what his worst fears were, to whom he married. He was the star of the most widely watched show in the world, although he was unaware of what was going on around him, and he was the only thing that was real in his life, everything else was made up and planned by the producers, who became like the god of the show. Cameras were hidden everywhere, from clothing, to closets, to cars, so they could capture Truman's every move. ...read more.


Truman's life was a complete fallacy. Everything he was every taught was altered with so he could feel, see, reason, and talk to other people about situations and they would all agreed upon. When Truman was a teenager he saw the girl that completely stole his heart by only one look. She was one of the extras in the shows, and this love was not something the producers wanted. While he was looking at her, another girl, who was a cheerleader, tripped and fell on top of him. He assisted her, but once he looked back at the tree where he had seen the glorious face of the other girl she had disappeared. One thing led to another and him and the cheerleader became a couple. Years later, while dancing with his girlfriend at a school dance, he saw the other girl again, and as the producers realized he had, they immediately took her away. ...read more.


He cried knowing that his whole life was fictitious, as the producer told him the truth, but he had reached the door that read "exit," and lead out to a world completely alien to him. Leaving the world in tears, Truman chose this door, rather than the enclosed fantasy his whole life had been, with his last words saying, "Good morning, and in case I don't see you, good evening and goodnight." His whole life in a way, I perceive it to be a metaphor for life, and in a way the reason why some people do not believe in God or fate. If God was true, and everything was already planned out for each individual from the day they were born, much like Truman, life would not be worth living. It's like not even living at all, and not growing up and experiencing things on our own, but pushed by another being who was amused by the simple pleasure that was our life, controlling our every move. ...read more.

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