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Trailers Snatch trailer 1 (TV 2001) Overlapping dialogue on scenes showed - expresses narrative to audience.

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Trailers Snatch trailer 1 (TV 2001) * Overlapping dialogue on scenes showed - expresses narrative to audience. * Introduces characters with names next to them to get the audience involved. * Picture of characters shown through a projector. * Title shot: Snatch, at the beginning. * Shows website and release date in shots to give audience relevant information. Snatch trailer 2 (TV 2001) * Very quick shots. * First shots show guns and fights to attract audience. * 'From director Guy Ritchie' with black background to give audience necessary information. ...read more.


"feed 'em to the pigs" * There are two different soundtracks which change the mood of the trailer - starts with fast paced exciting music, finishes with deep 'bad' sounds. * Actor's names are typed to give info to the audience. * Trailer finishes with a comic scene to give audience a good feeling about the film. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1 * Shows all info about the film producer and distributor. * Dialogue overlaps the information from above. * The soundtrack is quite chilled. ...read more.


* Comic shot at the end taken from film. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 2 * Shows all info about the film producer and distributor. * Have various quotes from magazines and film critics. * Title shot to show what film is being advertised. * Fast soundtrack. * Simple colour palette of yellow, black and white. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 3 * Very fast cuts to different shots. * Good editing techniques used to liven up the trailer (slow motion). * Multiple sound tracks to change mood of trailer. * Quick cuts of card game being played and stakes getting raised. * Dialogue taken from film overlaps shots. * Shots help continue narrative and show the audience the main plot. ...read more.

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