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Visual, Spatial and Aural Elements.

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Visual, Spatial and Aural Elements. Visual Joe Orton uses one set only in his Play Loot; McLeavy's living room. The house appears to belong to a typical middle class family. The first visual effects should make the audience immediately understand that they are seeing a house in mourning. What a stage director must consider is the necessity of some visual elements that are essential to make up the stage for any production of the play "Loot". The most important elements needed are a coffin, a sofa and a cupboard. ...read more.


An important theme of this play is religion. Joe Orton uses the McLeavy family as an instrument to criticize the Catholic religion. It is very important for some religious objects to be present on the stage, in order to show the McLeavy Family's worship for this religion. For example, a stage director might decide to hang a crucifix and some pictures of famous religious figures on the stage. Another extra touch a stage director might want to include on the stage is a few roses bouquets, in order to back up and show even better Mr. ...read more.


If there is not enough space between the furniture, the actors might be handicapped in their actions, which is risky as this could reduce the comical effect of the scene. Aural Loot, even though is quite a visual play, does not need much aural elements in it. Probably some basic recordings could be played to make the story more realistic, such as church bells, car horns, and a doorbell. However, the director might chose to play some music in some crucial scenes in order to bring out even more some comical effects. ...read more.

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