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What value do the arts have in real life? Illustrate your argument with appropriate examples from at least one art form other than literature.

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What value do the arts have in real life? Illustrate your argument with appropriate examples from at least one art form other than literature There are many forms of art and all of them have a lot of value in society today. To be entertained, stimulated and interested is an important part of our lives and arts can be seen as a form of entertainment but their value is not just limited to entertainment alone. In 'real life' the arts, of whatever type, appeal to us personally and act as stimuli to our imaginations. Most arts can be seen as of value in real life and that people depend on them in order to behave in the correct manner. ...read more.


'Arts' is a general term and is used to describe many different forms. The public have many varied choices such as cinema, theatre, opera and many other types. For example, if we take cinema or theatre we know that these forms of art tend to have a lot of value in real life and are very popular form of entertainment. The public will go to the cinema more regularly than a theatre but both tend to be of value amongst the different ages of the population. The cinema is directed towards younger generations whereas the theatre is directed to the slightly more matured and older generation but this is not always the case and there are many instances where older generations go to the cinema and children to the theatre. ...read more.


As previously mentioned cinema is extremely popular and many directors use this to their advantage and try to send a message to the audience. In conclusion I believe that arts have a large value in society today and without them it would be difficult to understand. More people are appreciating arts and using this medium to express themselves in more inventive and effective ways. The arts help people clear their conscience and enable them to relax. One of the most appealing points of arts is that everyone can appreciate them and use them in their own way. Furthermore, the value of arts is significant for people today in order for them to get their message out in the way they prefer through arts and to a wide audience. Amir Farooq ...read more.

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