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Wish you could banish it into room 101? Well my guest for tonight has the chance to, let's welcome a world famous entertainer and song writer staring in films

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Haille Jackson 10 yellow (The lights are dim and the audience begin to applaud. Loud and wacky sounds are played from the piano, two spot lights are turned on and bright colours of red and green fill the room exposing the broken ornaments and random objects with two large leather chairs in the middle of all the junk, next to the hosts chair there's a red lever. A few feet away there's a conveyer belt and huge silver tube above it, at a safe distance from the chairs. A bright yellow spot light is turned on showing a crazy dressed Paul Merton sitting in the audience wearing magenta trousers with green spots with a matching green shirt and to top it off an orange tie. He jumps up from his seat and smoke surrounds him, a blue spot light is turned on and exposes him on stage. The audience is ecstatic; the piano begins to die down for Paul to introduce the guest and the show.) Paul: Have you ever hated something so much you wish you could banish it into room 101? Well my guest for tonight has the chance to, let's welcome a world famous entertainer and song writer staring in films such as gold member and fighting temptations and having smash hits such as street lovin' and ghetto princess ladies and gentlemen a big round of applause for Haille! ...read more.


they were both chewing with their mouths open starring at each other, nodding their heads (Haille doing the movements).(Paul and the audience laugh) me and her husband found it hilarious. She just ignored us and stuffed her mouth with some potatoes not realising they were steaming hot, she went bright red and she jumped up screaming with her mouth full with bits of potato flying everywhere not even thinking at the time to spit it out then finally she bent over and spat it out all over her dinner, her husband and the waiter were in hysterics while I was busy restraining her son from copying her. (Audience and Paul laugh and clap). I couldn't eat potatoes or any sort of greens for a week! Paul: Well we've all done that! Haille: What jumped up and danced about? I usually blow on my food. Paul: (Chuckling) no but if it's a really nice meal then you don't want to spit it out you have to wave your hands at your face and jump about until its ok to swallow. Haille: So instead of simply blowing your food you'd dance about and burn your mouth? Okay but I'd rather blow on my food then burn my tongue and social status! ...read more.


Haille: Well thanks for coming and publicly shaming your brother Jenna (chuckling) (Audience laugh) Jenna: The pleasures all mine, thanks for having me. (She stands up and makes her way to the door she came from) (Audience applause and whistle) Paul: Wait! You don't want to go through that door it has cobwebs remember (he points her into the direction of the large silver tube) Jenna: Oh yes thank you (she makes her way to the tube next to the conveyer belt and looks around) are you sure there's a door over here? Paul: Yes look up. (She looks up and Paul pulls the leaver and she is sucked up into room 101 sounds of her screaming are heard) (Audience laugh loudly and break into applause) Paul: I'm not going to put little brothers into room 101 they're too cute like me. (Audience boo and hiss and Haille joins in) Paul: That's not going to make me change my mind; it's my show (chuckles) Haille: Well at least I got my way for the other two! Paul: Well that's it for tonight's show ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us Haille. Haille: No problem I had a great time. (The 'cha cha slide' is played and the audience whistle and clap loudly. The camera stops filming the stage and the cast names are shown until music fades and the end) ...read more.

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