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Written Performance Concept for Total Eclipse by Christopher Hampton

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Written Performance Concept Total Eclipse Christopher Hampton Total Eclipse was written in 1967 by Christopher Hampton. The play is about two poets, Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine. I played Rimbaud who was a radical that believed that to be a writer he had to experience as much as possible in mind and body. and I decided that whilst in character I would try and convey the idea that Rimbaud had very strong feelings for Verlaine but I didn't like showing it to him because as he was married and had another life to fall back on without Rimbaud, whereas Rimbaud had nothing else. This also makes him very dependant on Verlaine especially seeing as without him, Rimbaud would have nowhere to live. ...read more.


that he shows two very different sides to his personality to Verlaine, one is very playful and loving and the other is very aggressive and unpredictable. We chose a scene that consists of a heated conversation held between a drunken Verlaine and Rimbaud in they're hotel room. After a very intense two-year relationship it leads to this scene. To keep it simple, our set was a bed in the middle of the stage scattered in Rimbaud's clothes. Rimbaud announces that he is about to leave Verlaine and Verlaine eventually begs him not to leave. During this scene Rimbaud shows a number of versatile responses to Verlaine. This impacted upon my interpretation of Rimbaud as the transitions between each emotion should be very sudden and obvious because it is in his nature to do so. ...read more.


To show this I used my body language. For the majority of the scene I am facing away from Verlaine, however very occasionally I turn my head and body towards him and lovingly stare into his eyes. Rimbaud shows his immaturity by thinking that he knows Verlaine down to the smallest action or decision and Verlaine hates this. This is why Rimbaud pushes Verlaine to the limit by aggravating and mocking him. I intended to show this by giving Rimbaud a very smug and overconfident attitude. I did this by smiling and laughing at some of Verlaine's suggestions to sort out the relationship. Adam Griffith Candidate Number:3434 Centre Number:17632 ...read more.

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