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An Economic report of Manchester

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´╗┐An Economic report of Manchester Employment Performance Which sectors does Manchester outperform the UK. Education it outperforms the UK it?s the second largest city In the UK its normal to expect it to spend more on education due to its high population. Interestingly professional Scientific and technical activities outperform the UK. A new economy has been put in place a smarter Economy based on tertiary sectors moving away from its manufacturing past. 2023 its estimating employment in The above sector will rise around 130,000 for the greater Manchester region. Accommodation and food service Activities outperforming the UK is expected also as it?s the second most visited city in England and 3rd in the UK. Sectors which do poorly manufacturing once the cotton producing capital of the world now this industry is all but Extinct. Information and communication is behind the UK average this is surprising as recently media city has been opened in Manchester ITV, BBC and SIS are based there. ...read more.


This makes it an incredible desirable location to live. In 2001 it was the 21st most vibrant city in the UK today it now number one making it the most vibrant city in the UK surpassing London. There is a large number of young residents, cheap housing and high wages helping organic growth. Average Wages 2013 Average House Prices 2013 Types of Employment Employment Sectors LQ Employment Tertiary education 3.322622079 14,421 Other monetary intermediation 2.141258559 10,482 Legal activities 2.790868191 10,394 Business and other management consultancy activities 1.675989109 6,408 Hotels and similar accommodation 1.616189017 6,297 The location quotients show that the sectors with relative high levels of employment are all mostly in high end sectors, or hotels and similar accommodation which bring in revenue to the local economy. The sectors all bring in wealth so this is a good sign for Manchester?s growth for the future. ...read more.


A thriving industrial city from the industrial revolution evolved unlike other industrial cities. It has a modern advanced economy it has become the most important city in the North-West economically. The sectors which thrive are high end sectors which generate a lot of revenue as shown in the location quotients on the previous page. It has a rich history musically and sporting, now it is the 2nd most visited city in England. This means the tourist industry thrives bringing in revenue from the other regions or nations. This has helped ease the recessions damage, from 2010 GVA has been increasing annually from 2010. The cities soul appears to be music and sporting orientated, the old mills and print works have been redeveloped it still retains remnants of its old industrial past. This is a city which is improving year after year, whether it is economic growth or quality of life. The city has a high standard of living voted most vibrant city in the UK climbing 20 places in 12 years. ...read more.

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