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Globalization - What is it?

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Globalization What is it? Globalization is huge. It funds and fuels the common markets of today. It is the multi-national system of trade, communication and service that we have come to expect from nearly any place on our planet. And is has been molded into a system that communities globally require to survive. Not only this but it has allowed a huge increase in the mobility of technology and capital throughout the world, offering increased production and business links in smaller communities globally. One thing that has not been so apparent in its recent developments is that globalization has rapidly increased with new technologies, most notably that of telecommunications. ...read more.


Now Microsoft has played the part in world communications and interactivity for nearly 20 years. In that time it has created computer tools for nearly every country worldwide. It has been at the front of the technology ladder throwing out new ideas almost weekly, allowing internet and email communications everywhere. We now see its products in our homes, school, and work environments, and no doubt will continue to for many years to come. However, without the international links that have been created over the years through trade between foreign and local markets, this would be an almost impossible vision. Politically speaking, there is a strong argument that globalization is changing the face of society today. ...read more.


In many local towns and cities in England there is closed shops where businesses cannot afford to stay open with the so very low prices that the multi-national companies have set the bar at. The political view is that it is creating a vacuum effect which will eventually collapse, as government tax increases and prices continue to fall. What happens when multi-nationals set the prices high again as resources fall short? The one thing people do need to remember is that globalization is something we have created ourselves and play a very strong part in. We are the consumer, and we do have the right to refuse purchase. When we stop relying on the international survival markets (such as food, clothing and healthcare supplements), we will once again allow the small businesses to flourish in our own societies. ...read more.

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