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Statistics Coursework

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Statistics Coursework Introduction I am going to investigate two towns in Kent and look at the crime rates to see if it effects the price of the houses. There are many things that affect house prices. Some things have a short-term affect such as interest rates and unemployment rate, but others have long term affects such as Location of the house and access to basic amenities. I will be exploring all the things that affect house prices as well as comparing two areas in Kent and comparing the price of houses in these areas. ...read more.


* I will collect my data from the internet, making sure that it is not bias. * I am now going to write up the data collection process, naming and any problems I come across on the way. * Next I am going begin some calculations to answer my hypothesis. I am going to start by working out the mean, median, mode and range. * Then I am going to do some graphs to show how house prices vary and some of the reasons for this. * Next I am going to interpret the diagrams and calculations that I have done. ...read more.


I will now talk about why I think unemployment is the main thing that affects house prices, I will compare the price of house with the unemployment rate in general and how it they both change together, i.e., as the unemployment rate lowers the house prices higher, and vice-versa. Graph for crime rates in Chatham From this graph you can see the crime rates in Maidstone. I will gather the house prices in the Maidstone area and compare it with Chatham's house prices to see if crime does affect the price of the house. ...read more.

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