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Study Source F and H. Use Sources F and H, and your own knowledge, to explain why the Jarrow Crusade took place

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Study Source F and H. Use Sources F and H, and your own knowledge, to explain why the Jarrow Crusade took place In 1936, after they had already sent a number of deputations to the Board of Trade in London, Jarrow made one last effort to get them noticed. A march organised by the people of the town was made the 270 miles from Jarrow to London; its object to attract attention to the plight of the town, appealing for sympathy and help. There are many reasons, both long term and short term as to why the Jarrow Crusade took place as the problems they suffered grew so bad they thought the only way possible was to get help from the government. In the long term, the crusade happened because of the vast amount of unemployed men that was on the increase which had been caused by the extreme decline of old industries. When England moved back to the Gold Standard in 1925 after the First World War, the pound was fixed at a high value and a policy of free trade had been introduced. This made British goods very expensive to purchase abroad whereas foreign goods became much cheaper in Britain. The outcome was that foreign countries started selling pounds on international markets forcing the British government to buy them at high prices, resulting bankruptcy of the government in August 1931 when Britain's reserves of gold and foreign currencies ran out. ...read more.


Ellen Wilkinson also says that 'nothing effective could be done unless the government was prepared to act. This shows that she blamed the government for the state Jarrow was in. The fact that this source was written by the MP for Jarrow at the time proves that it is a reliable source as she was there at the time the Depression happened, she lived in the town and she was the spokesperson for the others so everyone else must have been feeling the same too. Given that the main source of income of the town was now no more, countless numbers of people were now left with no work. The number of unemployed people in Jarrow was 2,987 in 1927 but this amount had gone up to 7,178 people in 1933, which is nearly 80% of the whole town. People depended on unemployment benefits provided by the government for their survival. However the dole money was not nearly enough to live on, it was considerably less than the minimum wage and was only given to men. People were forced to live in small, dirty, cramped conditions as they were desperately poor and Jarrow was in left an appalling state with help from hardly anyone as Jarrow was not a very well known town. ...read more.


In addition, it states how there were other marches being held around the country too but they weren't received too well indicating that the problem they suffered was widespread. It is evident that the people of Jarrow did not want to be labelled troublemakers and therefore they wore their best suits on the march. They wanted to show that though they did not have much anymore, they tried hard and wanted to stress that they were not threatening and were non- violent. The choice of the word 'crusade' strongly suggests that these men were on a task to get themselves noticed as protests had been made but nothing effective had been done about it. It can also be considered a mission as previous marches had failed and were told to 'go back to Jarrow and work out your own salvation' by the President of the Board of Trade in 1936 which made this final march their biggest attempt to be noticed. It is evident that the purpose of Sources F and H were to highlight the problems that Jarrow were suffering. Both authors were closely involved to the events of the Crusade which makes the sources reliable as they are primary source accounts written by people who actually lived in the middle of what happened. Therefore it is possible to conclude that the others who lived in Jarrow felt the same way about the ordeal and that is why all the reasons mentioned lead to the Jarrow Crusade. ...read more.

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